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Rapid cheese prototyper

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A device to make rapid prototypes of stuff out of cheese.

Simply insert a 1 cubic metre block of Red Leicester into the device and the 5 axis hot air gun will melt away the bits you don't want, which trickles down onto bits of toast, so you can have a rarebit while you wait.

Comes with one cat on a bit of string to keep mice away.

Originally planned as a milling machine, but got bored explaining what chwarf is.

not_morrison_rm, Mar 04 2014


       What's chwarf?
AusCan531, Mar 04 2014

       errr...well this would just be another 3d printer, and I think it's quicker to melt bits out of a block than to print layer by layer.   

       Optional special cheese blocks available, for aerogel type applications.   

       Comes with lockable keyboard to stop mice trying to print stuff out in the wee hours.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 04 2014

       How would you melt out a hollow center from the block, HMMMM? Plus wouldn't the hot air gun spray bits of molten cheese all over? Sort of an anarchic fondue? You would need a surrounding toast dodecahedron to capture it all. And the frustrating thing - from the outside of the dodecahedron you would not be able to tell which toast had become optimally cheesed.
bungston, Mar 04 2014

       What are the chances that Wallace has already built one of these ?
8th of 7, Mar 04 2014

       //What are the chances that Wallace has already built one of these ?//   

       Wallace probably has a whole workshop, with Kraft cheese slice laminator, camembert glue, cheese-string stapler and parmesan lathe.
Loris, Mar 04 2014

       Use mice as tools? Strap em in where the heat gun goes. Let them eat out the prototype.   

       Not for designing cats as it would scared the capitalist tool mice to death.   

       Wonder ... how much cheese a mouse can eat before being sated?
popbottle, Mar 04 2014

       This device would grant children every right to refuse to eat food that wasnt appropriatly shaped.   

       //Anarchy Cheese// sounds like it could be something very special.   

       You could create mouse traps that give the mouse a fighting chance.   

       You could print a cheese gun and use it to approprialy dispatch mimes.
vfrackis, Mar 06 2014


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