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Proactive Public Relation Firm

Work with us to not be an asshole, and we won't publicly rip you a new one
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# ProResilience #

Executive Summary
for CEO MaxwellBuchanan:


ProResilience PR Firm's objective is to assist corporations with maintaining honest communication with community organizations and activist groups, to ensure that the company is in tune with it's moral obligation towards the community, and to be responsive to the concerns of the community.

To achieve this end, we will work to provide value to activist groups in negative Ads campaign against uncooperative companies.

We also shall provide auditing of partner companies to ensure they are working within an ethical framework, and report that to partner activist/community groups.

In addition we provide dedicated channels for these groups to voice their concerns, and work with them to make it as reasonable and clear as possible.

Ultimately, we provide value to companies, by making them truly trustworthy, and not just spin. Thus protecting their long term reputation. (Case in point. Uber's reputation is hampering it's expansion to other markets. Negotiation with Lyft of possible opportunity to work together, recommended.)


A public relations firm that aim for "proactive" Public Relations. In theory this will prevent PR problems from occurring in the first place. This involves the use of training corporate culture to consider the moral implication for every action, as well as shift to a mindset of "good profits" and "bad profits" rather than class everything to "profits".

Our difference is we will have direct association with 'protesters' org in order to develop a 'synergistic' relationship with major NGOs so we can more effectively manage and contain any potential problems pro- actively

Essentially, we will continuously communicate with these NGOs (e.g. PETA, GREENPEACE), to keep them informed with an honest report on the efforts that our client has made, and done so far. In addition this is not a one way street, the NGOs will be expected to talk to us on ways that we can improve our client's standing as 'good global corporate citizens'. Hopefully with our relationship, we will be able to approach issues before they appear, or even during the problem, and address it (Which can be easier than a typical firm, if we are able to refer to our previous effort at transparency) .

But why should NGOs care about developing a relationship with a PR firm? Well in exchange for us developing this relationship with them, we will provide them with access to our marketer/PR employees to throw their minds in engaging in psyops negative PR campaign against other companies that is not under our 'protection'. This will help increase their effectiveness, especially since our marketers/PR officers know the mindset of the 'opposing' corporation.

To maintain our own integrity as a PR firm, with a difference. We will maintain a strict hiring procedure of hiring people who are 'open minded', and is not 'extreme' in views, but will stand for themselves, basically we will seek people who are 'marketers' with a 'rebellious streak' in them. This is because we need to be clear and firm, that we will drop any company that has no intention of honestly, or seriously changing their corporate culture to care more than their bottom line profits. Not even if the said company is a multi- billion dollars, in fact, their attempted bribery may be used against them, as a way of strengthening our relationship with NGOs (And thus in proxy, the NGOs relationship with our clients. Means these NGOs may be more forgiving of our clients occasional transgression. We don't live in a perfect world after all).

If all this sounds sort of Mafia like to you. Well it should be. The Mafia essentially adopted the 'carrot or the stick approach'. We also provide the carrot or stick approach, 'help us, or you may run the risk of being in the opposite side of our team'. Where the analogy breaks down, is that we don't actually control these NGOs, we only provide free access to our PR staffs, in exchange for giving us some diplomatic communication to their org (In essence most likely to be legal, obviously got to tackle each negative PR campaign carefully for legal considerations.).

But once our company actually get up and running, our approach will be essentially be a pro verbal 'carrot and stick'.

mofosyne, Dec 14 2014


       Was thought of for some cyberpunk back story. But would be more than happy to see something like this occur in real life, if only for the chaos it might bring.
mofosyne, Dec 14 2014

       Is there an executive summary of the part between "A" and "stick"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2014

mofosyne, Dec 14 2014


       Ah - excellent. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2014


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