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Old RadioCasts

Go to library, take old newspapers, and cover news from last century in form of podcasts as if they were happening today.
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Weeks on calendar repeats every 28 years, so, it could be something n x 28 years ago, where n is natural number.
Mindey, Mar 09 2016

Repeating Calendar https://www.timeand...ndar/repeating.html
[Mindey, Mar 09 2016]


       There is a youtube channel that puts out weekly videos updating on the latest events in the Great War that happened this week one hundred years ago.
tatterdemalion, Mar 09 2016

       Interesting. However, the important part about this idea, is that you could do it with just 10~30 minutes of free time every day. With an access to a library, you could simply read off the main stories. No need to do any weekly summary whatsoever. Info is there, just read it -- oh, and you could find someone to read it, I'm sure.
Mindey, Mar 09 2016

       But who will advertise (category?)
normzone, Mar 10 2016

       Flash! Pancho Villa is on the loose! Not satisfied with Old Mexico he's invaded New Mexico. But that was yesterday, and today is tomorrow already.
whatrock, Mar 10 2016

       I'd like the modern news delivered in the same style as auld radio broadcasts, complete with live commercial recitations (also written with the same mannerisms).
FlyingToaster, Mar 10 2016

       Leo Laporte does commercials live on Security Now, and presumably his other TWiT shows.
notexactly, Mar 21 2016


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