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personalised freebies website

goodies in exchange for your privacy
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Websites that offer free samples are usually set up like a browsable directory. You might get something for free, but you waste a lot of time filling out information.

Why not centralise this in a learning database? You do it only once and the information you give is matched against the profile an advertiser gives of the persons eligable for a free sample. The publicity agency that runs the website can sell the right target group of people to the advertiser.

Once a month you receive a box with free stuff. You use what you like and you return the box (postage paid) with what you did not use, but then with a written reason. "I don't buy products from that part of the world." or "that company has a bad environmental reputation." When you used the product you put just the garbage of the used products back in the box, with a comment. "Nice, but too expensive to buy." or just whatever. Perhaps answer a questionaire with every product.

The agency studies the content of the box and sells this information to the advertiser once more and adjusts your profile.

If you don't return the box you don't receive a new box the next month, ensuring that you actively are thinking about the products offered to you.

It fits into the 'tryvertisting' trend.

rrr, Apr 17 2005

Startsampling.com http://www.startsampling.com
example of existing samples site [rrr, Apr 17 2005]

Tryvertising http://www.trendwat...ds/tryvertising.htm
description of the 'tryvertising' trend [rrr, Apr 17 2005]

FreeChannel http://www.freechannel.net/
another horrible ugly example [rrr, Apr 21 2005]

FreebieList http://www.freebielist.com/
the name of this example is already wrong, a list? Don't waste my time! [rrr, Apr 21 2005]

YesIt'sFree http://www.yes-its-free.com/
this one stresses that things are 'free', but free crap is just a waste of time [rrr, Apr 21 2005]

(?) Baked http://promodisc.co.uk/
Oh, freebies. [Worldgineer, Apr 21 2005]


       i like it. In a refined form, advertising can be a win-win situation for the target market and the adversiser. As long as the adversisers aren't trying to warp your tastes (which is all to often the case these days.)
RBStimers, Apr 17 2005

       A+ and a big ol' bun!
disbomber, Apr 17 2005

       [rrr] has been thinking inside the box.
wagster, Apr 17 2005

       The value proposition backing this is solid--I like it. At the right price, why not?   

       On the face of it, this seems like a relatively expensive means of gathering information. As a result, advertisers would want to be targeted in their approach. Specifically, can they control what is sent to whom in order to ensure that they are receiving feedback from the proper demographic?   

       For example, a beef jerky company wouldn't want to send its products to vegetarians because they are not its target market.   

       Overcome this hurdle, promote membership at the consumer level, and offer it to advertisers at the right price and I think you have a winner.
reedharmon, Apr 21 2005

       I keep asking for those free shampoo samples that you can get when you go on some well-known hair care companies' website. I have to keep creating new names and sending them to friends addresses.
froglet, Apr 21 2005


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