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Presidential Likabilty Quiz Website

FDR beans, Kennedy condoms, Trump/Hillary mouthwash
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Sort of like what the "Hot or Not" web site started out as.

An advertising firm should develop a web site that shows two or three black and white drawings of presidents (mostly the dead ones, but not the iconic pics shown on money) on a randomly generated page, and asks viewers to choose the better looking one. Different markets might require different icons, say Prime Ministers in UK or film stars in Hollywood.

After a while cigarettes, toothpaste, and canned goods would be test marketed using the likenesses that poll well. My guess is that the can of beans that have the best looking face plastered on will sell the best. But maybe Ugly sells best.

( Milliard Fillmore may yet become a household word. )

popbottle, Jun 21 2016


       Given that we're about to vote in a can of beans for President, this might backfire.
RayfordSteele, Jun 24 2016


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