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Progue Ambitions

Shoot em up with style
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SETTINGS year- 2050 - the year military scientists learned how to design weapons with bullets that fused with plasma on the way through the barrel and also the link between plasma fusing and the key to teleporting

planet - Earth and Losone (Dominant species - Laxons)

Situation - World War III has been raging for almost 30 years now. The main battle is between U.S.A. and Russia. Most of the Western Hemisphere has sided with the U.S. while the other half with Russia. Nuclear war was avoided only because of the Kears invention of the N.W.A. (Nuclear Warhead Agent) Which was launched against the governments orders. N.W.A. communicates with all Nuclear Warheads which leaves them under control of the Kear. Who have no plans of letting Nuclear War happen.

Progue Ambitions will be a game based on saving another race of human like species. The catch is the other race isn't as advanced as the human species. For war they resort to spears, swords, and other medieval weapons. In recent years another off-planet species is threatening their way of life. Many battles are fought and lost against the new enemy the Laxons have been calling Verduns. The Laxon morale is at an all time low and they could use all the help they can get.

Your character is a member of a society called Kear. Kear has been thwarting criminal and terrorist plans for years. The government has taken recent interest in allying with them for the greater good. Your name is Adam Backer, Age - 24 Weight - 208lbs. Body Fat - 7%. His history is filled with heroic moments. He is well known in his society, but no where else. Recently he has been considering to break off from Kear, he feels he can succed in many more ways if he is on his on, but the recent government interest he's been hearing about has changed his mind.

The government Have found a way to greatly increase every aspect of the bullet in the infusion of plasma. After The new bullet was perfected scientist studied on what else they could do with this new plasma they are working with. 5 months of studying and a close call for the U.S. in defeat resulted in the Theoretical Suggestion of Teleporting a human being somewhere into space. Thats where the Kear come into play. The Government ahs decided on a subject named Adam Backer to be the test subject. When They teleport the subject all contact is lost and the study of teleporting is shut down for the loss of an amercian hero. The war rages on but not the one Adam cares about.

The Laxons morale is below zero the commander of the civilization feels as if he's sending his men to certain death when a battle is being prepared for. Finally good news is heard of the latest battle was won by the Laxons but only because of the number of men that were sent. The battle stats were 20,000 Verduns - all killed and 100,000 Laxons - 12,768 killed - about 20,000 injured. Prisoners - 1 - unknown species - unknown weapons - highly advanced. The Prisoner is treated with utmost respect after saving a group of 50 laxons from a Verdun but is still regarded with suspision. After talking with the prisoner and being filled in on details The Laxons find out the prisoners name is Adam Backer from Planet Earth who got teleported here and lost contact with his race. After Adam heard of the Laxons situation he agrees to fight on their side until his time or until the Laxons can figure out a way to get him back to Earth.

Gameplay - Like Halo except not a rip off like Advent Rising was. First Person different races double wielding only two weapons at a time grenades all that good stuff. I think this will be more whole then halo because of its storyline im hoping it will be a good game.

seventhinline, Jul 21 2005

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       *So* much better than your last attempt - paragraphs, capitalisation and everything. Bun for effort. I'm not really sure this is an invention as such (you may be [m-f-d]'d for this) and sounds like it would make a better book than a game, but hey - book, game, film - it's all the same these days.
wagster, Jul 21 2005

       Oooh, I love this idea. I'm not particularly fussed about the whole m-f-d thingummy, but you should watch out for it anyways.   

froglet, Jul 21 2005

       I'm no gamer, but the Idea reads like proper pre-game cinematics.
reensure, Jul 21 2005

       I quite like the sound of the plot, but just how long will Adam be waiting for the Laxons to get him home if they still resort to using spears, swords etc?
fridge duck, Jul 22 2005


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