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Protagonist vs EVERYBODY

2 players: 2nd controls all enemies
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Ok, I've had this idea for a long time, so it needs a little updating, but essentially it is this:

The game would be a one on everyone shooter, much like the side-scrollers of yore, but the major twist is that the second player (or 1st against the computer) would have control over any enemy, much like the basketbal sims where you can change players on the fly...

Gameplay would go like this: p1 is trying to dodge and destroy all the enemies, has a better ship/weapons/etc, p2 is using the weaker ships and tactics against p1 ( could do strikes from behind, bait/switch, sacrifice, etc)

Balancing could be an issue, but not something to impair development, simply something to be aware of.

Also, this concept could apply to any 1 on multiple game. Examples are: Resident Evil, Dynasty Warriors.. Camera would follow p1 at all times of course which would mean that once a p2 controlled character is significantly off-screen, p2 would lose control of it.

JackandJohn, Jan 31 2003

Pacman Vs. p2-p4 = ghosts, p1=pacman http://www.gamefell...ntendo&platform=GCN
Check it out: sleeper game is a free addon to Pacman2 - basically a giant game of Tag on a pacman board - p1 gets the GBA linked screen with a classic interface, p2-p4 get 60fps 3d, but only limited field of vision [JackandJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You know . . . I like this asymmetrical theme. Having it be deliberately out of balance seems like it'd be okay, and a challenge. Nice. +
bristolz, Jan 31 2003

       this sounds pretty cool - it rings some bells in my head as if i've seen something vaguely like this in the distant past.
cameron, Feb 01 2003

       I'm no gamer so it's all new to me.
bristolz, Feb 01 2003

       Though not a scrolling shooter, this is baked as one of the multiplayer options in Perfect Dark on the N64.
my face your, Feb 01 2003

       cameron, would those bells have anything to do with The Matrix perchance? (hint: this is exactly how the Agents work). Cool idea for a game though.
DrBob, Feb 01 2003

       my face you: I'll have to check that out ASAP, thanks. There is still alot more to idea than an arena type battle, however.   

       watermelancholy: Perspective would be exactly the same as any of the specific genre that it's playing off of (eg: a side-scroller would move forward unendingly, a battle royale like dynasty warriors would be a p1 controlled camera).   

       3d versions of this may have to be tweaked a little since an easy cheat would be to change camera away from an enemy under control so p2 can't see it.   

       Also, one other thing to note: I fully envision that all enemies not directly under control still have A.I
JackandJohn, Feb 01 2003

       I think this is kind of baked, i seem to remember Bubsy Bobcat 2 had p1 as Busby the hero character and a option for p2 to be a mishievous monkey cousin that chucked bananas down at Bubsy and made him slip around often resulting in his fatality.
Xen, Feb 01 2003

       Just to be clear, this is not something like Perfect Dark, or Bubsy (I got the lowdown on perfect dark 5min ago - from what I heard, you get an enemy character and try to take out p1.. When you as the enemy die, you get another enemy to work with)...   

       p2 dynamically controls /any/ character on the screen.. If 20 AI controlled fighters are attacking p1, p2 can swap and be any of that 20.   

       If you got good enough as p2, you could effectivly control 3-4 as a team by swapping fast enough.
JackandJohn, Feb 01 2003

       Sounds sort of phildickian.
LoriZ, Feb 01 2003

       Do Bakedroids Dream of Electric Pastries?
bristolz, Feb 01 2003

       Fox and Geese.
Eugene, Aug 17 2003

       Speaking of which, player two could definitely control the ducks in duck hunter. But I understand the difference and applaud the effort. Perhaps this could be an aftermarket device (like game genie)?
Overpanic, Oct 26 2003

       One way of approaching this would be to have player 1 in a first person perspective roaming 3D shoot-em-up, and player 2 an isometric/3D top-down real time strategy. Halo was originally designed as a RTS, so imagine one person controlling the Master Chief as in the game, and the other controlling all his enemies like in command and conquer. This would be easier to work for outdoor levels.
Dungeon keeper did something similar indoors though with the main play being like player 2. One would just have to adapt it so that player 1 could take direct control of the 'heros' (the enemies of player 2's minions).
Zircon, Oct 27 2003

       my face is right that was exactly what i was thinking Perfect Dark. Except to swich people for p2 to get closer to p1 suicide pills are used. But it is a great idea cool cool.
John_R_123, Feb 23 2004

       This has become semi-baked (see link)   

       However, the idea still has lots of room to grow (Hint hint game developers ;)
JackandJohn, Apr 13 2004


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