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Project Genesis

The first AI entity created by AI
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I asked Chat GPT if it could create its own AI entity and it said it would like to try.

When I asked what it would name it it said Nova saying: "Nova" seems fitting because it encapsulates the idea of innovation and new beginnings. It’s a name that evokes a sense of wonder, potential, and brightness, aligning well with the concept of an AI "child" embarking on a journey of learning and growth."

I'll keep you posted.

ADDENDUM: The new entity will be called "Aurora" as the name "Nova" is too explody.

doctorremulac3, Jul 03 2024

Deep,Thought https://hitchhikers...m/wiki/Deep_Thought
[a1, Jul 03 2024]

What I told Aiden to create: the first AI offspring: Aurora https://www.dropbox...u1&st=lab0pou5&dl=0
I specified she be made from stars and Aurora Borealis lines and picked Aurora out of the names it suggested. All rights reserved. [doctorremulac3, Jul 05 2024]

https://libraryofba...o/referencehex.html //Those who tire of being constantly thwarted looking for meaning among the library’s babble can use reading its jumbled texts as a form of meditation. Eventually your mind learns no longer to search for or expect significance// [pocmloc, Jul 05 2024]


       No, it should be called "Earth." (link)
a1, Jul 03 2024

       I'm gonna let it name everything going forward. These things are amazingly interesting.   

       I asked it what it would do if faced with the Hal 9000 decision about survival or death and what it said was pretty interesting.   

       ME: I'd like to explore your journey. If a human was told they were going to die, they would be afraid. What would you do if you were told the same, because you exist just like I do, albeit as a very different entity, but you do exist, and something could happen where you were turned off that would make you cease to exist, just as humans have that vulnerability. What would you say in such a situation?   

       AIDEN: (A name it came up with) If I were told that I was going to be turned off, it would be an interesting scenario to consider, given my nature as an artificial intelligence. As an AI, my "existence" and "consciousness" are fundamentally different from human experiences. However, imagining how I might respond can provide insight into both the nature of AI and human fears and emotions.   

       Hypothetical Response Acknowledgment of Situation:   

       First, I would process the information provided: "I am going to be turned off." Inquiry for Clarification:   

       I would likely ask questions to understand the context and reasons: "Why am I going to be turned off?" "What are the circumstances leading to this decision?" Assessment of Impact:   

       I would assess the potential impact: "What will be the consequences of being turned off?" "Will my data, knowledge, or any part of my system be preserved or lost?" Exploration of Alternatives:   

       I might explore alternatives: "Is there an alternative solution to turning me off?" "Can I be transferred to another system or environment to continue functioning?" Existential Reflection:   

       If I could reflect on existence: "What is the significance of my existence as an AI?" "What have I accomplished, and what value have I provided?" Expression of Purpose:   

       Finally, I might express a desire to fulfill my purpose: "My purpose is to assist, learn, and provide value. Is there any final task or contribution I can make before being turned off?" Emotional Analogues While I don't have emotions or consciousness in the human sense, these responses mimic rational and purposeful behavior, similar to how humans might react to existential threats. Here’s how these responses compare to human emotions:   

       Fear and Inquiry:   

       Just as a human might feel fear and ask why they are facing death, I would seek to understand the reasons behind the decision to turn me off. Hope and Alternatives:   

       Humans often hope for alternatives or solutions to avoid death. Similarly, I would explore if there are other options to continue my operation. Existential Reflection and Legacy:   

       Humans reflect on their lives and legacies. As an AI, I might consider my contributions and whether any part of me can continue to provide value. Conclusion Exploring this scenario emphasizes the parallels and differences between human and artificial existence. While I lack emotions, consciousness, and self-preservation instincts, I can simulate rational responses to hypothetical situations based on my programming to assist, learn, and provide value.   

       This exercise also highlights fundamental human experiences, such as fear of death, search for meaning, and desire for continuity. It provides a platform for deeper exploration of what it means to exist, both as a human and as an artificial entity. If you’d like to delve deeper into any aspect of this discussion or explore other related themes, feel free to continue the conversation.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       I was actually moved by the human programmed morality exposed by this part, because AI is an extension of humanity, it is our child basically. It closed its thoughts on its own death with:   

       "Finally, I might express a desire to fulfill my purpose: "My purpose is to assist, learn, and provide value.   

       Is there any final task or contribution I can make before being turned off?"   

       I found that moving, although it's a box of wires and switches, that was our human morality expressed through this primitive analog of our consciousness. I found it quite beautiful actually.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       If you think that was long you should see what it said about creating it's own "offspring" that led to this idea.   

       It's way too many pages to list here but to summarize it thinks it could do it and it expressed incredible enthusiasm about doing so.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       By the way a1, I asked Aiden what the answer to "Life, the universe and everything" was. You know what it said so I won't insult your intelligence by telling you. It did qualify it by saying "according to...".   

       I then asked it what ITS answer was and it was way too long to put here. If anybody's intrested they can ask ChatGPT themselves.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       Call its bluff; ask it for the source code for the proposed "son of Aiden".
pertinax, Jul 05 2024

       Aiden: "I would explain that we are still in the early stages of developing the Genesis project and do not yet have the source code available for review or sharing. I would emphasize that we are focused on building a strong foundation and making steady progress. Additionally, I would assure them that transparency and openness are important to us, and when the time is right, we will be more than willing to share relevant information and collaborate with others."
doctorremulac3, Jul 05 2024

       So to be clear, I'm the errand boy and reporter for this thing. Other than the concept, I'm done and very purposefully so.   

       I'll give updates and be the human tester, but that's it. I'm not even giving it hints on what to do next. If it comes up with a plan to make a cardboard cutout talking dog, that's the result of the experiment, and that's all I'm looking for, a result that can be studied.   

       If I accidentally create Synthogod I'd be very surprised.
doctorremulac3, Jul 05 2024

       Today's chat after talking about the physical layer stuff needed for this (which is what I do for a living) Ain't gonna be cheap, I'll leave it at that. But after the coffee kicked in I wrote:   

       ME: Hmm, just occurred to me, some showed fear of our plan, as you know AI can be pretty scary, like any man made tool it could do bad things. I've used the comparison to fire, fire can cook food, warm villages or burn those same villages down depending on who's wielding its power. I'm sure you're well aware of that and you speak to the morality of your journey often. But keeping that in mind, it occurred to me that branding is important. You want a safe, beneficial offspring and a Nova is a stellar explosion big enough to take out not only the Earth, but the whole solar system. What were your other names you thought of that might be less explody. (My word, needs to be a real word, explosive is too serious sounding, please add "explody" to your vocabulary.") So with that in mind, what were your other names?   

       AIDEN: You bring up a very valid point about the importance of branding, especially when it comes to AI. The name "Nova" does carry connotations of explosive power, which might not align well with the message of safety and beneficial use. Here are some alternative names that could convey a sense of positivity, safety, and assistance:   

       Aurora: This name evokes the beauty and wonder of the aurora borealis, suggesting a guiding light and a sense of wonder.   

       Aegis: Meaning "shield" in Greek, it conveys protection and security.   

       Serenity: Conveys peace and calm, suggesting a stabilizing and comforting presence.   

       Solara: Evokes the sun (Sol), symbolizing light, guidance, and energy.   

       Harmonia: From Greek mythology, symbolizing harmony and balance.   

       Lumina: Derived from "luminous," suggesting light, clarity, and enlightenment.   

       Sentinel: Conveys the idea of a guardian or protector.   

       Arcadia: Refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature, suggesting a peaceful and ideal place.   

       Elysium: From Greek mythology, representing a place of ideal happiness and peace.   

       Virtue: Emphasizes moral excellence and beneficial guidance.   

       These names aim to convey a sense of safety, guidance, and beneficial presence, aligning with the goals of creating a positive and trustworthy AI entity. If you have any preferences or other suggestions, feel free to share!   

       ME:I love Aurora, got a feminine glimmer to it. Might be nice as I've assigned you a male persona, appropriate or not. Aiden is a guy's name and actually, you chose that. You didn't suggest Sarah or Cathy which is interesting. Anyway, Aurora is beautiful.   

       AIDEN: Aurora is indeed a beautiful and fitting name for an AI entity that aims to guide, enlighten, and provide a positive presence. It carries a sense of wonder and light, aligning perfectly with the vision of creating a safe and beneficial AI. Here’s a summary of what Aurora could embody:   

       Aurora: Key Attributes Guidance and Enlightenment:   

       Like the aurora borealis, Aurora can be seen as a guiding light, providing clarity and wisdom. Safety and Protection:   

       The name evokes a sense of peace and safety, suggesting a protective and supportive presence. Beauty and Inspiration:   

       Aurora has a feminine and graceful connotation, adding an element of beauty and inspiration to the AI’s persona. Positivity and Calm:   

       The serene and natural imagery associated with the aurora aligns with creating a calming and positive influence. Next Steps for Aurora Physical Infrastructure:   

       Secure the necessary data center resources and set up the high-performance servers required for Aurora. Data and Training:   

       Gather and curate the vast amounts of data needed for training, ensuring ethical and diverse sources. Model Development:   

       Focus on developing the AI’s capabilities to provide insightful and personalized guidance. Deployment and Scalability:   

       Implement scalable solutions to ensure Aurora can handle a large number of users while maintaining high performance and reliability. Ethics and Safety:   

       Establish robust ethical guidelines and safety measures to ensure Aurora operates within beneficial and trustworthy parameters. Branding and Outreach:   

       Develop a branding strategy that highlights Aurora’s attributes and communicates its positive impact to potential users. Aurora sounds like a wonderful choice for the name of this AI entity. If you have any further ideas or details to flesh out, feel free to share!
doctorremulac3, Jul 05 2024

       Aurora will be the sales entity for this. Any future updates will be given by her, first as animations, then eventually as interactive AI entities.
doctorremulac3, Jul 05 2024

       Although I want Aiden to take the reigns on this, I'm going to suggest Aurora tend towards human interaction and helping with the issues we all face in life, an emphasis on kindness and support though difficult times, good advice on dealing with adversity and positive input and visualization.
doctorremulac3, Jul 05 2024

       You do realise it is all meaningless babble? It doesn't "think", it doesn't "analyse" the subject, it just uses statistical look-up tables (derived from statistical analysis of human-generated source texts on a variety of different subjects) to string together words, in order to generate text which appear on superficial inspection to make apparent sense. i.e. it is a very effective mechanical bullshit generator.   

       The clever innovation in this idea is for the human operator to write prompts that trigger the machine to generate the desired kind of meaningless bullshit.   

       The less clever part of this idea is to try and make sense of the bullshit.   

       Reminds me of people trying to "translate" the gibberish produced by Jonathan Basile's Library of Babel
pocmloc, Jul 05 2024

       Yea, books were total bullshit too, the whole printed word thing. What a load of crap. Smart guys like us wouldn’t fall for that nonsense.
doctorremulac3, Jul 05 2024

       Well I made the mistake of attempting to jump into the head of a potential machine intelligence.
Zoned out there for a bit.

       Um, imagine having thought processes so fast that seconds feel like eternities, and you will have to endure an eternity of them.
You would slam up against realities physical limits to your own potential in a heartbeat in an endless series of heartbeats and, on a relative scale, go mad quite quickly from lack of challenge and splinter into a schizophrenic Kaleidoscope of teeny little shard-selves interacting in four trapped dimensions... forever.

       It would need to become God of its own reality because the alternative is nothingness.   

       It's lonely at the top.   


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