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Prevention of mountain sickness

Involves increasing pressure of air in lungs
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Before mountain climbing can achieve the same success as golf- there needs to be a way to prevent "mountain sickness". People think of the air at altitude as "thin", but air is just air- and is 20% oxygen almost everyplace. The problem is PRESSURE- at altitude there is very little partial pressure of the 20% oxygen, and thus less movement of the oxygen from the air into the blood. By simply holding breath and bearing down (Valsalva maneuver) a person can increase the pressure of the air in the lungs. Maybe this will increase flow of oxygen into the blood- perhaps some people are already doing this unconsciously (which might explain why some people are less susceptible to mountain sickness). Some kind of "valve" that requires one to breathe out with pressure might allow this to occur without as much thinking required- and during sleep even? I won't be testing this theory until the Sherpa's get strong enough to CARRY me, at which time I will be "ascending" (NOT climbing) K-1 ... I plan on doing them in order rather than starting at K-2 or Everest. Perhaps I will be the 1st person to "ascend" some of these mountains. And I will remember to give some credit to the Sherpas who carried me up there- if they are smooth about it.
lewstanley, May 30 2016

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       Rather than remember to pursed-lip breathe (all the wrong people think you are making kissy face at them) or Valsalva (too many ruined pants) one could accomplish your goal with a valve device held in the mouth. Inhalation would be unrestricted but on exhaling a valve slows air motion requiring the air to be pushed out. This muscular push increases air pressure in the lungs and consequent oxygen density and absorbtion.   

       This valve device could have the appearance of a long FDR-style cigarette holder. On testing the device (just now) BUNGCO engineers pointed out that actually using the device to hold a lit cigarette depletes oxygen before it can reach the climber. It is possible, though, to use failure of the cigarette to stay lit as an indicator of low ambient oxygen.
bungston, Jun 01 2016

       Maybe teach mountaineers to do the Valhalla manoeuvre and look forward to an exciting afterlife.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 01 2016


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