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proa style hybrid sail-air craft

proa shunts with dual wing sails , they fold down for flight
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a proa is a polynesian style outrigger boat. with ONE outrigger that is smaller.

it is assymetric. the smaller outrigger always faces the same direction as the boat 'shunts' instead of tacks the wind.

(shunting is like going goofey foot on a snow board instead of carving 180 when you turn) the main body hull possesses 2 wing sails , rigged at extreme ends of the hull. they are used for sailing, until they are needed for flying.

when they are needed for flying they are let down horizontal and the outrigger mounted aero-propeller then throttles ( it can throttle while the wind sails up vertical used for sailing to supplement the boats power, like in motor sailing using the hydro-prop to supplement the boats wind driven sail inertia)

teslaberry, Sep 11 2014




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