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Pruner Gripper

A helping grasp for cutting operations with post-cut manipulation.
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While harvesting grapes today i realized that I has hesitating before and after cutting each cluster to co-ordinate the "grasping" and "removal" of the clusters. This is due to the difference in transit time between the hand delivering the cluster to the tote and the hand with the pruner. Usually I can cut faster than I can remove the clusters, however the cutting hand must wait for the grasping hand to arrive before it can make the cut. In addition to this introducing a delay it also causes a dangerous proximity between the grasping motion and the cutting action of the pruners. Injury results. What if the act of cutting the stem also introduced a slight pinching action on one side of the blade? Then the object could be cut and retained in a single motion before the other hand arrives reducing dropping and injuries.

All this invention consists of is a slightly textured piece of spring steel on the blade of the pruner that wedges the thing being cut against the anvil. Tension is low for low diameter stems, increasing to "very frim" for retaining large stems. This could also serve to make pruning roses and other thorny plants easier as the pieces of cane could be cut, removed and released without manipulation.

WcW, Oct 06 2009


       perfect ++++
WcW, Oct 06 2009

       i'll be damned. I guess I need to google harder next time.
WcW, Oct 06 2009

       how would i do that?
WcW, Oct 06 2009

       Cool idea, though baked. I'm going to get one.
loonquawl, Oct 06 2009


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