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Seesaw Landscaping Stream

Put mossy rocks along a metal trough on a teetertotter with reserviors on both ends
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The seesaw or teetertotter is powered by metal rods which extend when heated.  Each of the two "seats" upon which the reservoirs sit are hinged to the teetertotter.  Each seat also has it's own vertical metal rod supporting it at it's outermost end ( each metal rod stands on an insulated footing many, many meters under ground and supports the element above. The underground portion of the rod is insulated from the earth). The heat is supplied to the rods from black, copper, solar radiation receivers.  These receivers are set up near canopies which shade them during certain times of the day such that they are heated and cooled in series.  The outermost rods control the reservoirs' pour.  The weight of the reservoirs is used to tune the canopies, so that the system can stay in a constant state of flow throughout the day.

At night previously unmentioned foundational metal rods cool and the whole system tilts slightly into a state of extended, one way flow.

A circular version seems like a natural extention of this method.

fishboner, Jan 06 2010




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