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saddlebag windowboxes

a windowbox requiring no mounting hardware because it's balanced by a mirror box on the window's interior
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In my transient nyc life I'm always looking for simple DIY home items that don't need any kind of hardware/installation. I was thinking about a windowbox setup where two identical windowboxes are joined together by a series of strong pieces of wire, each a foot long or so (modify wire length according to window/sill depth), so one box hangs outside the window as usual and the other box hangs inside the window. In the outside box you grow plants that can tolerate outdoor conditions, and in the inside box you can grow plants that are more delicate (can't stand up to your wind/rain conditions), don't need as much sun, etc. The set of wires is cheap, flexible so the window can close, and strong so the boxes stay hooked together even when they're heavy with water/rain.
allterrainbrain, Feb 23 2006



       Maybe add flat, strong and flexible straps for the part that passes through the sill? That way you might have a better weather seal than you get with round wires.   

       It'd be cool if somehow you could water both sides from inside without opening the window.
bristolz, Feb 23 2006

       If the webbing straps were made of the right material (and connected to the inside of the boxes), you should get capillary action moving water between them (height difference shouldn't be too great). It might need priming the first time you use it by immersing the straps in water first.   

       Depends on how tightly your windows close though, as my double glazing is practically airtight!
Texbinder, Feb 23 2006

       So simple. +
Shz, Feb 23 2006

       Neat, cheap, practical - I can't find a flaw at all. [+]
Mr Phase, Feb 23 2006

       Oh yes. +
salachair, Feb 23 2006

       (+) Seems the autoboner doesn't like plant ideas.   

       What MrPhase said. +
Sludden, Mar 04 2007

       I doubt that the window would close, regardless of how flexible the wire is. Neat concept though.
wagster, Mar 05 2007


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