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rapid avocado growth with lengthy multibranch >===== side to side grafts

Align two branches together, then goove them so they are like ======== nested slightly, measure that this causes more nutrients to the fruit, growing larger tastier fruit, then grow avocados more rapidly, or fleshier
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Align two branches together, then groove them so they are like > ======== nested slightly, measure that this multibranch turned to one branch causes more nutrients to reach the fruit, thus growing larger tastier fruit, then grow avocados more rapidly, or with a fleshier cortex
beanangel, Sep 06 2016


MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2016

       If it works though, it could work on a variety of fruits though. there is a chance it could cause orchard trees to produce fruit earlier as well.   

       Also, laser drones could do the topiary grafting automatically at large orchards.
beanangel, Sep 06 2016

       It won't work. Even with lasers.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2016

       //fleshier cortex// - I think that comes across quite clearly in this idea
hippo, Sep 07 2016

       The premise here being that branch diameter governs the rate of delivery of nutrients to fruit?   

       This might work in that it is like pruning the tree; decreased branch space for fruit means more nutrients to the remaining fruit.   

       I have wondered about a multitrunk tree: the premise here is that trunk growth requires root growth several small trees could have their trunks grafted together and so unite a root system over a far flung area, jumpstarting growth.
bungston, Sep 07 2016

       I agree with Max. I don't think you could do two branches. The xylem, phloem match up wouldn't be good enough but what if there were more branches. A lot of C cut branches where two C's arms linked into the next C's centre.   

       . nnnnn

       But curved into a circle. This gives bark on the inside as well. Four C's might do it but vascular matching might be hard. The more C's the easier matching would be. The bark where two C's, on the same side would have to be sealed. The truck could possibly be any cross-section desired. Stems would have to be the same age.   

       Might even be able to engineer a living wall.
wjt, Sep 08 2016


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