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Pseudo Baker

Customised halfbakery descriptors
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Given the fantastic customisability of the halfbakery, an option for your preferred halfbakery descriptor to replace all instances of other halfbakery descriptors (see "Bakery Spelling" for the range of variations).
PiledHigherandDeeper, May 29 2003

Bakery Spelling http://www.halfbake...a/Bakery_20Spelling
[PiledHigherandDeeper, Oct 17 2004]


bristolz, May 30 2003

sufc, May 30 2003

       eg. [bristolz] selects halfbakerzzz as the halfbakery descriptor while:   

       [sufc] would probably go for hfbkry as their halfbakery descriptor
PiledHigherandDeeper, May 30 2003

       And who, pray tell, is going to fund these changes so that I can see your descriptor as [deepdoodoo]?
lurch, May 30 2003

       Am only suggesting that you can change the various names for the halfbakery to you preferred one - so I assume that you would like halfbakerydoodoo. Anyway the cost has not come into many of the ideas on this site! I'm sure the cost is more trivial than something like the transatlantic custard pipeline.
PiledHigherandDeeper, May 30 2003

       Oh, I wouldn't be so sure. Custard pipelines are very reasonable.
bristolz, May 30 2003

       Unfortunately [bristolz] I can't come back to your mostly modestly sized ideas - you don't seem to live in the proverbial glass house.
PiledHigherandDeeper, May 30 2003

       [PHD] - you have a point. However, I would like to make note that a great many ideas presented in the 'alfbakry can automatically be assumed to be tongue-in-cheek. Those directed *at* the 'bakery itself are much more likely to be taken seriously, and I think you'll find the "halfbakery" categories a rather thorny place if you don't take that into consideration.
lurch, May 30 2003


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