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Psycho Knife

For kitchen use only
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Inside the handle of a large chef's knife lie an accelerometer, mirocontroller, and miniature audio player. When a series of stabbing motions are detected by the accelerometer, sounds of falling water and screeching violins play through a small hermetically sealed speaker.

Power consumption is low, and can be provided by a supercapacitor. The blade is inductively charged when placed in the knife block, making it completely waterproof and zero-maintenance.

Aq_Bi, Jul 01 2007


       [zero-maintenance] - It's elf - sharpening?
normzone, Jul 01 2007

       No, it's one of those infomercial knives that are "Guaranteed to Never Need Sharpening!"
Btw, I don't find my-elf using many stabbing motions while cutting in the kitchen...
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 01 2007

       ...ever try cracking open a coconut? [n_s]
xandram, Jul 02 2007

       I always use a hammer for that. Is that somehow wrong?
shapu, Jul 02 2007

       "It's curtains for that steak"
skinflaps, Jul 02 2007

       In nasal tone: rhee! rhee! rhee! [+]
fancypants, Jul 02 2007


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