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A pair of scissors plus a knife equals three in one
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This pair of scissors can also function as a knife since the back edge of each blade is beveled and closes farther in then the sharp, leading edge of the opposing blade. The leading, cutting edges are thus the knife’s edges. The scissor handles are longer and close nearer, to become an integral, knife handle. That’s one less utensil to look for.
FarmerJohn, Oct 03 2002


       Sounds dangerous--more like a scdagger. I assume it comes with a scheath?
bristolz, Oct 03 2002

       Will there be a bimetallic special edition scife?   

       ....and mother always said, "Don't run with scifes!".   

       [plural: Scifes? Scives? Scifthes? Scofth?]
Wes, Oct 03 2002

       bris: more like a scythe?   

       Wes: a pair of scives?
FarmerJohn, Oct 03 2002

       Utile. Effectivoid. One (1) croissugar.
General Washington, Oct 03 2002

       Very nice FJ. I suppose you could use it to cut this croissant in a variety of ways...
madradish, Oct 04 2002

       Will it fit into the Swiss Army Handbag?
egbert, Oct 04 2002

       Will it, po?
FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2002


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