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Swiss Army Chef's Knife

How ever many knives you need, in one!
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Let's see, a filleting knife, butchers knife, paring knife, bread knife, steak knife, and whatever other knives you can think of, each connected at the base of the blade to make a giant swiss army knife for the kitchen.
DesertFox, Mar 14 2005

Custom Swiss Army Knives Custom_20Pocket_20Knives
Been here before. [etherman, Mar 15 2005]


       yes, yes and yes again. nice one [DF]. The users forearms would certainly get a work-out.
neilp, Mar 14 2005

       The cleaver is going to make it bulky.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 14 2005

       The flip-out sharpening steel is going to make it difficult to reach all the blades.
FarmerJohn, Mar 14 2005

       The electric knife needs a hefty battery.
Shz, Mar 14 2005

       But they're all included....
DesertFox, Mar 14 2005

       Have you contacted the Swiss Army?
mensmaximus, Mar 14 2005

       Swiss Army Knives can be made to order from the company who makes Swiss Army Knives. Give em a call. does that make this baked, potentially baked or advocacy?
etherman, Mar 14 2005

       Well if SAK's can be made to order, then this idea simply advocates a chef's one.
etherman, Mar 14 2005

       From the help file:   

       advocacy - the idea is a commentary on an existing, often widely discussed, issue dear to the author's heart. This includes ideas to kill, jail, or tax all people who do X; as well as suggestions to teach X in schools, give tax credit to people who do X, make X a precondition for voting, marriage, or immigration, or put some person or subject X on a stamp or bank note.   

       This is not advocacy. It is an original idea, never discussed, never invented. Just because there exists a potential to invent one by custom ordering, doesn't make it baked. No-one else has made one.
DesertFox, Mar 14 2005

       <pedant>[Etherman], I suspect that should be SAKs not SAK's.</pedant>
neilp, Mar 14 2005

       "Apostrophes are used to form plurals of letters that appear in lowercase; here the rule appears to be more typographical than grammatical, e.g. "three ps" versus "three p's." To form the plural of a lowercase letter, place 's after the letter. There is no need for apostrophes indicating a plural on capitalized letters, numbers, and symbols (though keep in mind that some editors, teachers, and professors still prefer them)."
FarmerJohn, Mar 15 2005

       /no-one else has made one/ how do you know?
david_scothern, Mar 15 2005

       This isn't a new idea. We've discussed custom SAKs before. And we can all list occupations or activities all day long to come up with 'new' ideas if you like, but it's not exactly creative or interesting.
etherman, Mar 15 2005

       [DF], you have the Swiss Army and the SAK squad on your tail, someone caslled the Spell Police, you've had Divine Intervention. I'm glad you've got a fox hole out there somewhere.
mensmaximus, Mar 15 2005

       I saw a Swiss Army garden tool on the telly once, some fool had made a huge one out of a spade, hoe, rake, shears etc. He had made a spoof advert for it that was shown on "Weren't those funny clips of people falling over?" or something. It was actually quite funny, or at least a lot funnier than more clips of people falling over.
wagster, Mar 15 2005

       [mens], this is like "Where's Wally?". I've found the SAK squad, the Swiss Army and the Spelling Police. I'm confused as to the Divine Intervention though... is that reached via a modification of a modification of invention?
david_scothern, Mar 18 2005

       [DS} Soothed by lullabies of phasing 50/60 cycles. Switches to half speed hover drone. Nnngn nnngn nnngn nnngn. Grid lock. Spot. Dot.   

       Locked. It was an extension of an extension of a thought. Good to know I can always tune in to Craig Ferguson questions the other twenty three hours of the day when he's not on the Late Late Show.
mensmaximus, Mar 18 2005


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