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Bakes in the buff, every pluterday.

Favorite self-koan (at the mall)...
Where did I park my car?
And, the follow-up...
I wonder what color it was?

And, after a bat-transformation...

preferred self-koan (at the nitty-gritty)...
wherefrom did I ballpark my motorcar?
And, the review...
I spoonfeed sinuosity?

I now see that the entire concept was idiotic...

Perhaps an editor at Pluterday.

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[Jan 10 2138, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Time traveler

Be seeing you yesterday.


[Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 10 2004]
(+1) A Canticle for Hemingway
(+2) A democratic bicycle for two
(+2) A hook for bringing things down to earth
(+3) Achilles’ concrete
(+3) Anti-crab marquee lights
(+2) Antiphonal Running Shoes
(+3) aqua blinds
 Avoiding Tagged Ideas
(+4, -1) Balloons for pyromaniacs
 Binary Cancer Treatment
(+2) Bladder Gauge for Humans
 Blue Pate for male pattern baldness
(+2) Boiling water with Gregorian chants
(+1) Build your home out of water and straw
 Chameleon-eye glasses
(+1) Chaos Pogo
(+1) Cheeky signals
 Dancing Humidifier
(+3, -1) Embossed bumper codes
 Empathic Sound System
 Everyone sounds like Donald Duck
(+3) Find yourself
(+1) Front door management system
 Giant People-Vacuum
 halfbaked epigrams
(+1) Hemingway Conveyer
(+2) Home keys that feel like home
(+8)(+8) How Buffy gets her exercise
(+13)(+13) Inside-out Schrödinger's Box
(+1) Kat Monopoly
 Keep your clothes on...
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) Lip Tape
(+4) Look to the sky!
 Lotions with SPFs of less than one
(+8)(+8) Lunar Zen Garden
(-1) Lust Day, the board game
(+2) Moving sidewalk with passing lanes
(+4) MS Word "Tone Checker"
 Multi-barreled ice gun
(+8)(+8) Musical Zipper
(+2) OK, now you hold it
(-1) Orbital manufacture of replacement tiles
(+4) Paradoxical Checkers
(+1) Parajumping without a chute
(+1) Planetary scale ductwork
 Poison Glove
(+4) Right click removal of autocomplete alternatives
(+4, -1) See like the humpback
(+1) Self-conveyance
(+11)(+11) Self Storage
 Shopping spurs
(+1, -3) Skip everywhere
(+3) Slack Mail
(+2) Sleeping into Bacall
(-2) Smoke Alarm Clock
 Soapy Conversions
 Sun tan lotion that tans itself
 Synesthetic readers
 The antidote to paparazzi
(+1) the bubble boys
(+2) The exercising of Galapagos
(+3) The Feeding of Hemingway type cats
(+3) The Monty Hall snack machine
 The moving sidewalk train
(+5) The solution to the Full Drawer Paradox
(+2) The Vishnu Vest
(+13)(+13) Urban Porcupine jacket

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