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Public Bathroom Alarm

Never be walked on in again.
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Ever been in a bathroom, and somebody tries to open the door? now when they get to close to the occupied stall, an alarm goes off.
FastFromTalking, May 09 2000


       When some one is at the door use all the toilet paper. Stick around until you can hear their reaction of finding no toilet paper.
mika_ranta, Jul 04 2000

       Better yet make a NO TOILET PAPER alarm. This would have a home use as well.
mika_ranta, Jul 04 2000

       You are SUCH an immature prankster, mika ranta
verobay, Jul 12 2000

       When someone comes knocking on my stall, I say "Come in!" in a sick voice. That usually sends them away for good.
jalsak, Oct 09 2000

       i was once at a store where there were preasure sensors in the floor of the fitting rooms and lights above the door. could be something similar (hahaha unless your so short your feet dont touch the floor)
wrenchndmachine, Oct 10 2000

       they should have a basket of sticks so that you could jab around under the door with so the people would know "hey, i am sitting down in here and am less able to defend myself" or you could also just shout a lot and people will know that there is someone in there and they may or may not need help. either way they will leave you alone.
fiasco, Jan 29 2001

       Little do you know, that the "Public Bathroom Alarm" is a built in feature!As soon as you hear someone coming in, blow a loud ripping fart. This ensures the intruder that residents are there. Yes, this built in feature was given to you by nature for this very purpose.
jalsak, Aug 09 2001


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