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Public toilet gravity wave detector

Public toilet gravity wave detector
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I write this suggestion with some trepidation, often in science sacrifices must be made and I suspect my impeccable scientific reputation will be besmirched by doubters, but I cannot let that hold me back. But, this will have to be my last posting on HB.

The day after I read the New Scientist article "Ripples in space divide classical and quantum worlds" and it mentioned "This would make an object capable of being, for example, in many places at once. But when this system interacts with its environment, it collapses into a single classical state..." I happened to be in public toilet and noticed that most of the ceiling had toilet paper on it, and just happening to have my camera with me I took a photo, soon to be attached.

Putting the facts together it is obvious to me that the toilet paper's quantum wave must have collapsed while it was in proximity of the ceiling.

Realising that the LIGO project is so big, simply because until now it has not been possible to find a location subject to strong gravity waves, I suggest a small version of LIGO is installed in toilets to monitor the activity. Perhaps it is only this toilet, perhaps it is on a conjunction of ley lines, or an ancient tribal burial ground..or perhaps it is common to all of them.

(?) the photo http://www.longerli...t_paper_ceiling.JPG
the proof - http://www.longerlife.org.uk/quantum/quantum_collapse_toilet_paper_ceiling.JPG [random_patenter_syndrome_victim, Nov 21 2009]


       That is one weird photo. Someone needs to go get a cleaning cart with a Big Hose On to clean it up.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2009

       // the toilet paper's quantum wave must have collapsed while it was in proximity of the ceiling. //   

       Not necessarily; the reverse is also true. The ceiling's wave function may have collapsed in the vicinity of the toilet paper. In an n-dimensional universe, it is possible that the ceiling was temporarily translated along one of the "collapsed" dimensions, resulting in its proximity to the paper, and allowing quantum entanglement to occur.   

       You should complain to those silly buggers at CERN for turning on the LHC, that's what's caused (or is going to cause) it. The words "Now look what you've done" should be contained somewhere in your missive. It's a shame this didn't happen in California - you could have sued someone.
8th of 7, Nov 21 2009

       Why your last posting? Did I miss the joke or is your wave function going to collaps?
zeno, Nov 22 2009

       /or is your wave function going to collaps/   

       I think that was why he had to run into that pulbic bathroom.
bungston, Nov 23 2009

       Merely that I suspected this posting would bring the inevitable musings on just how often it is I just happen to find myself in a gents toilet with a camera..   

       I was imagining that the gravity wave would be detected by, perhaps, installing splash sensors all around the urinals. Surely only something as powerful and subtle as a gravity anomoly could cause a miss on such a big target at point blank range...?   

       A splash would of course ring a very large bell or klaxon, and doors would open and scientists with clipboards and national TV camera crews could descend on the unfortunate toileteer.
pocmloc, Nov 23 2009

       I have to say that's a definite way forward, pocmloc. It's the obvious funding answer for this kind of physics project, science combined with Candid Camera.   

       I can can only wonder about the LHC collider deal, would that be spoofing the journalists into thinking they've found new particles and then filming their reaction when the presenter jumps out from behind a cabinet. Lucrative, but a little unscrupulous.   

       // Lucrative, but a little unscrupulous. //   

       That's humans for you.
8th of 7, Nov 27 2009

       I have to say, currently my webspace is being used for 1) a website to collect funding for life extension research and 2) A photo of the ceiling of a gents loo.   

       Guess which one is getting the greater number of hits? Yes, it's 2, absolutely right. There's a moral in there somewhere...I'm sure Edison never had these problems...   


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