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Quantum linked photon tissue scanner describes cognition

Quantum imaging at a distance is published, we just use that at IR spec frequencies of unique chemicals at neural tissue to record activity
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I have read things at New Scientist where a quantum linked photon pair creates one photon that goes through an opaque area then is absorbed with a uniquely shaped object (Yanhua Shih) The quantum benefit is that the linked photon at a physically distant different transparent detector space traces a 3d outline of where its linked friend is absorbed (link). We just apply that to the color absorption of chemicals looking for uniques with something rather like quantum linked IR spectroscopy then use it on neural tissue to describe what brain chemicals are doing what where, particularly at the moments people are being particularly brilliant to find optimal brain chemistry as well as structure.

First visualize describing the active chemistry of a leaf The ratio of GG' to YY' (Green photon Green prime photon, Yellow photon Yellow prime photon) absorption describes where the chlorophyll is at with a raster trace. Then give the leaf light n glucose to see active change noting the immanentization of Green from absorption of green prime photon as chlorophyll accumulates. This is similar enough to Shihs work to function. Bringing this to human biology just use the same system on neural tissue using the frequencies of IR spectroscopy to find what natural chemical or protein, or contrast nutrient is doing what where when people think.

beanangel, Dec 09 2011

quantum-camera-snaps-objects-it-cannot-see http://www.newscien...-it-cannot-see.html
A camera took this image of a toy soldier without collecting any light that had gone near it. Instead it recorded photons with a quantum link to others that did bounce off it nifty image of a 3d object, a variety of quantum cameras see through clouds as well [beanangel, Dec 09 2011]


       The really thrilling thing would be to measure mRNA production live because then you would know which genes were on during different kinds of thoughts, then you could genetically engineer organisms to make varied amounts of those proteins to improve cognition. It would also precisely describe the genetic basis of any disease.
beanangel, Dec 09 2011

       Firstly, New Scientist is not exactly the most accurate science publication.   

       Also, just what does 'immanentization' mean? I have never seen it in any quantum physics literature, professional or nonprofessional, ever. Which does not bode well for the meaningfulness of said word, as it's a pretty excellent word and I've no doubt that at least some popular science literature would have used it if it was a thing.   

       Apart from that- and I don't know enough about ghost imaging to say for sure whether this is BS or not, but I'm pretty sure that's a real thing that exists- this idea looks like it might actually have something interesting hidden in it. You get a bun.
Hive_Mind, Dec 10 2011

       I get the ghost imaging part, but after that it seems like a lot of nonsense.
ldischler, Dec 10 2011


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