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pushmepullyou teleology

Reversed game of life with simple goals rather than push rules
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Re-enable teleology by modeling it through computation, with a pull technology rather than a push one for Conway's Game of Life.

By setting several simple rules the automatons interact with each other's existence trying to achieve the role that they are part of, either competing over the next space or cooperating over it.

Groups of automatons may choose to combine goals which may turn out to tear the new sociaty down or perhaps build it up.

pashute, Sep 24 2021


       Oh yeah, I got this:   


       That’s right isn’t it?
Frankx, Sep 24 2021

       If there are *no* push rules, wouldn't that imply that there are no constraints? And, if there are no constraints, doesn't this just become an exercise in identifying a maximand and moving all the pixels instantaneously to whatever position maximises it, with no actual "game" process on the way?   

       Perhaps what is imagined is a combination of pushes and pulls, or of competing pulls which act on each other locally as pushes.
pertinax, Sep 25 2021

       solve for
beanangel, Sep 30 2021

       Is that you, Professor Liskov?
pertinax, Sep 30 2021


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