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quark mass scale

Charm quark as a third generation quark
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We have no good theory of mass scale for fermions. The masses of the fermions would make a little more sense if we were missing the partner to the strange quark. The charm quark would happily be a third generation quark along with the bottom quark. The top quark might then be the first member of the fourth generation of quarks or perhaps it would switch places with charm.

Generations of matter

Type First Second Third

-1 electron muon tau

mass 0.511 MeV 106 MeV 1777 MeV

+2/3 up top charm

mass 2 MeV 172000 MeV 1270 MeV

-1/3 down strange bottom

mass 4.2 MeV 100 MeV 4200 MeV

0 electron neutrino muon neutrino tau neutrino

mass < 10-6 MeV < 0.17 MeV < 15 MeV

orbit6, Dec 27 2010

Boxer weight classes http://en.wikipedia..._class_%28boxing%29
[xenzag, Dec 27 2010]


       Yes - good idea.... I've had many sleepless nights over those pesky fermions. I always thought that the scale of weights used by boxers would have been quite appropriate. (see link)
xenzag, Dec 27 2010

       Are you related in some way to Beanangel? Just curious... [+] Bun for "strange bottom".
Grogster, Dec 28 2010


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