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faux heads

Fake decapitated heads made to order
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Hate your boss? Want to surprise the ex? Have their head (or that of a loved one) immortalized. Life-size, life-like replica of a person's head, made directly from your photos (please provide front view and profile). Possible uses: for your own enjoyment; for strategic placement in a refrigerator or cabinet; for staging mock executions... use your imagination.
stbob, May 14 2002

I swear... http://attach4.grou.../waxcameljockey.jpg
I told Osama Nothing [thumbwax, May 15 2002, last modified May 16 2002]


       [stbob]'s Wax Museum and Target Practice Range ?
half, May 14 2002

       The problem with this idea? It has no teeth.
phoenix, May 14 2002

       All gummy and floating in the punch bowl?
reensure, May 14 2002

       hey thumb, he is gorgeous!
po, May 15 2002

       If stbob consistently feels the need for a faux head viagra might help.
neelandan, May 16 2002

       This could be done, and probably SHOULD be, but the whole problem with it is that people will just go ahead and use 'em for fetishes, anyway.
GovernmentSerf, Feb 25 2003

       Use it to save your place on a bus, in a movie theatre, or on a bench at the mall if you don't like sitting next to strangers.   

       "Could kindly hint to your bodyless friend its not polite to stare at my kids - thanks"
Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2003


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