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Semi-Rigid Dirigible Running Vest

Overcomes problems of running with balloons to try to achieve that Moon walk effect
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There's a problem with running with a large balloon to try to get that less gravity effect that would allow you to take large leaps and ten foot steps. As soon as you run forward, the balloon or balloons fall behind due to wind resistance, stop lifting you and just turn into dead drag. They only catch up and supply lift when you stop running in a sort of Catch 22 situation.

The solution is a long trailing balloon or series of balloons that form a sort of zeppelin with you at the front forming a relatively small cross section to the wind.

Now here's the counterintuitive part. To keep the end of your long sausage shaped balloon from floating up and causing the problem first mentioned, you have a counter weight on the end that's the same weight as you. To keep the thing from bowing up in the middle you've got a stiff spar running along the length of it that makes this a semi-rigid airship.

It's a bit of work, but with stuff you could buy at your local hardware and party goods store you run with ten foot strides and hop around like you're on the moon.

I see the actual application of this being parades where the balloon or balloons themselves are painted to be some kind of character like an earthworm or snake. Ohh! Chinese dragon!

There you go, floating, undulating Chinese dragon parade float with the head jumping in big ten foot strides.

Plus it's exercise equipment.

doctorremulac3, Dec 11 2013


       [+] Sounds fun, though I foresee acceleration challenges due to inertia increasing by 3x and tractive force (proportional to weight) decreasing to 1/6x for a reduction in how quickly you can change directions to 1/18 of normal.
sninctown, Dec 11 2013

       This is just a plan to make it look like joggers are being chased by giant penises isn't it.
FlyingToaster, Dec 11 2013

       Are the ridges to help with aerodynamics?
pocmloc, Dec 12 2013

       Oops. Thanks. Fixed.
doctorremulac3, Dec 12 2013

       (The title still says 'Riged')

I agree with [FT]'s point.
hippo, Dec 12 2013

       Fixed (again) and //This is just a plan to make it look like joggers are being chased by giant penises isn't it.//   

       I suppose you could have the counterweights in two large balls at the other end to complete the effect.   

       That gives me an idea. How about pants for wiener dogs that look like balls?
doctorremulac3, Dec 12 2013


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