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RGB Rowing Machine

For night time use!
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I did some Google searches and browsed what seemed the most likely HB categories and I was surprised this doesn't seem to have been done before. I'm also surprised there isn't a rowing machine category or even subcategory, now that I think about it...

Anyway, the idea is for a water rower (a rowing machine that uses a water tank to provide a more realistic feeling resistance) with some embedded lights. Think of how cool that would look, with that swirling water lit up with colored lights in the dark!

21 Quest, Feb 11 2024

Like this but with lights! https://www.walmart...dSellerId=101066892
[21 Quest, Feb 11 2024]

Rowing machine that doubles as a washing machine https://9gag.com/gag/a8q1Xrp
[a1, Feb 12 2024]

Exercise bike washing machine https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MGemYXOGXJs
[a1, Feb 12 2024]


       I was so excited, I didn't know water rowers existed and I thought you invented it, then I clicked your link. But to be clear it's just lights in the water rower you're suggesting. Okay, I'll bun that. Might be cool to just have sparkly bits being illuminated by the swirling water.
doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2024

       Ah yes, yes just lights in an already existing water-type rower.
21 Quest, Feb 11 2024

       Could one of those water based rowers not double up as a washing machine?
xenzag, Feb 12 2024

       [xen] That's a good idea, especially if the protocol was that you go on the rowing machine, then put your sweaty clothes in the rowing machine water tank to be washed by the next person on the rowing machine (there's a logistical thing here about having to then walk in the nude to the changing room, but I'm sure a solution can be found to this). It goes without saying that the rowing machine will also power a centrifuge to spin-dry the clean clothes.
hippo, Feb 12 2024

       // Could one of those water based rowers not double up as a washing machine //   

       That's a common suggestion, and pictures often show up online as jokes. Exercise bicycle + washing machine is a more common mashup and some people have really built them.
a1, Feb 12 2024

       I was trying to think of a way to have it double as an aquarium, but I'm pretty sure it would kill any aquatic life you put inside one.
21 Quest, Feb 13 2024

       Ruth Bader Ginsburg rowing machine? Wait a minute ... Never mind.
normzone, Feb 18 2024


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