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Nice Cans!
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Quite simply, the Punderbra is a brassiere designed to accentuate the breasts not with padding, gel, or inflatable bladders, but with whimsical designs.

Designed as outerwear, the Punderbra would have cups fashioned to look like everyday items - a pair of large soup cans, two halves of a melon, tufted titmice, etc.

Don a Punderbra, and you'll soon be greeted with a surge of compliments from male passers-by the likes of which you've never heard before!

justaguy, May 19 2005

Melon Bra http://www.sharong....es/BRA08-MELONS.JPG
Nice Melons [hidden truths, May 19 2005]

Tank Girl http://www.geocitie...omics_Comics_1.html
[DenholmRicshaw, May 20 2005]

Mathworld: Bra http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Bra.html
You could put someones i out with those. [Detly, May 20 2005]


       I would advise against knockers. There could be consequences.   

       Perhaps you'd prefer comical bicycle horns?
justaguy, May 19 2005

       What you were thinking of? Link.
hidden truths, May 19 2005

       Yes, but much more cartoonish - sort of like those great big foam cowboy hats.
justaguy, May 19 2005

       I always kinda liked the pair-o'-nukes missile bra that Tankgirl sometimes wore in her comic book.
Soterios, May 19 2005

       Aaah, Tankgirl. Tanks for the mammaries!
justaguy, May 19 2005

       Ditto that! - Is 'Deadline' magazine still going?
gnomethang, May 19 2005

       /tufted titmice/ Bun.
Texticle, May 19 2005

       Nor to be confused with penumbra, a model designed for those who are just shadows of their former selves.
bristolz, May 20 2005

       Shot off by her Blunderbust.
FarmerJohn, May 20 2005

       A pair of Blue Tits and a couple of Chaff's "look over there!"
skinflaps, May 20 2005

       I imagine this would look rather silly in colder climats, where women who wear there bra's OVER their clothing are at the mildest frowned upon.   

       Is it my imagination or are only the males bunning this??
Susan, May 20 2005

       My mum and her friend, when they were younger I hasten to add, went to a fancy dress party in an old brown mac (each). They went as a blue tit and a robin red breast. The guys seemed to like it!.
gnomethang, May 20 2005

       For the quantum mechanists, the <bra| bra.
Detly, May 20 2005

       As much as the punster in me yearns to contibute to this discussion, I cannot justify objectifying female anatomy.
However, if I were to disregard that concern and make a suggestion it might be along the lines of a bra with battery operated illumination, which naturally would draw compliments about headlights. Hypothetically speaking, of course.
Canuck, May 20 2005

       Susan - your right. Damn sexist pigs!   

       Heres my bun...
energy guy, May 22 2005

       If only I could give [FarmerJohn] a bun for the simple yet brilliant "Blunderbust."
justaguy, May 23 2005


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