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Add Sallywax, just for fun!
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Sallywax is a versatile and fun type of lube. You probably wouldn't think it, but it has the high tensile lactation skills to hold your bra together for extended periods of time. Imagine that - and all this time you were just spreading it on toast. So next time you're convicted of heckling and the judge says "you're bra is a bit loose", reach under the jurors and get out some sallywax, spread and wear. Its fun, its simple and above all its free (unless you buy it, in which case it'll cost the same amount as honey or cat-paste) Another tip is tying your bra together with string or wire coathangers. But don't hold me to that one, just incase it snaps and impales your chest. Ouch!

Bye Bye - Love Peter Venkman's Hussy

Dana Barret, May 03 2001

ghostbusters http://us.imdb.com/Title?0087332
cool movie [mihali, May 03 2001]


       So it lubes and binds at the same time? Lay down Sally
thumbwax, May 03 2001

       You'll not find *me* 'under the jurors'! (nor in your bra!)
Sallywax, May 03 2001

       Who is Peter Venkman?
Susen, May 03 2001

       susen, try watching "ghostbusters" (1984), venkman and dana barret are two of the main characters.
mihali, May 03 2001

       ah...the 80s....specifically the year I graduated HS. Can't say I remember much...but I do remember the big Pillsbury Dough Boy in that movie.....or the big marshmellow guy....or whatever the heck it was supposed to be....
Susen, May 03 2001

       Well, as I recall, it wasn't quite as good as whatever Rods Tiger has now....
Susen, May 03 2001

       I've read this idea about 8 times and I still can't figure out what the hell it means
AfroAssault, May 04 2001

       Don't feel bad, you're not alone. 'High tensile lactation'?
StarChaser, May 04 2001

       actually this whole thing may just be odd enough to make me think that Rods Tiger's wife opened up an account.....
Susen, May 04 2001

       After careful consideration, I agree with Afro.
Dog Ed, May 04 2001

       I was thinking Eehen, myself...
StarChaser, May 04 2001

       It certainly is interesting, that so far, after Afro was the only one of us bold enough to admit perplexedness, all of us who have followed suit are Children of the Revolution. Is Sallywax something else peculiar to your lot over there on England's green and pleasant land, or what? A quick Google search reveals nothing... And what of loose bras and coathangers?
globaltourniquet, May 04 2001

       Where's the idea?
iuvare, May 04 2001

       We have coathangers over here ... but I have no idea what Sallywax is - I _think_ that Sallywax is the idea here ...   

       Oh, can I join PA? I'd have expected the judge to say "your bra is a bit loose" ... well, I wouldn't expect the judge to say that ... but, you know ...
Rodomontade, May 04 2001

       Well, let's see... we've got a 'fun' lube, lactation skills, toast spread, loose bras, cat-paste, and impalation... jah, shoor, I get it, und joor idea iss vunderbar! *wanders off, perplexedly*
absterge, May 04 2001

edski, May 04 2001


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