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Pupil Tracking Remote Control

Mount facing you, look at numbers to change channel.
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I lose my remote control way too much. Shoot, I lose all three of them, or any combination of one, two, or three of them.. I want to reach for my beer, not a remote. I want to look at the wall and have my pupils tell the tv when to change the channel.
Lily-Jar Nemesis, Dec 03 2008


       I always thought pupil tracking, in combination with blink detection would be a useful input device, especially for the physically challenged. A good double-blink could easily suffice for a mouse click - also a visible cursor so you can self-regulate if the pupil tracker is a bit off.   

       I wonder if a system like this could be more efficient than say the mouth/blow input often used for the quadriplegic (not that I know much specific about those systems? )   

       [unnecessary my $.02 ]   

       I've also wondered about this as a supplementary input for PC's. My thinking was that for a FPS game - you could use pupil tracking and doube blinking for aimpoint and shoot inputs. Mouse could then go towards other inpts, like torso or head tilt/twist, etc. I reckon eyebrow furrow (I dunno what to call it) could be used to couple/decouple the cursor to your pupil position.   

       [/ UM$]
Custardguts, Dec 03 2008


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