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Remote Control for a Remote Control
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How many times have you wanted to change the TV channel, only to find the remote control on the other side of the room? Enter the new Remote Control for the remote control! Yes, now you can use your remote control remote control to control remotely whatever your first remote control was supposed to remote control! And that's just the beginning! I can see it now, a remote control for the remote control for the remote control for the remote control....ahhh...you get the picture.
WackyMan, Jun 25 2001


       I can see it, too. But only remotely.
The Military, Jun 25 2001

       Just buy more than one of the same remote, if you must. People have too many remotes to deal with allready, but now every flaming device is going to come with not one, but 3 remotes? Like I need 3 remotes that do the exact same thing. There isnt the remotest chance that this will work.
Dickcheney6, Apr 19 2008


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