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Remote Control Calculator

Switch channels and do the budget
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Ever noticed while watching TV that some commercials feature products whose prices are broken down into "four easy payments"? Doesn't it bug you that they don't give the total price so you have to get off the sofa, search for the calculator and decide whether you can afford the product?

Or notice that you are doing your budgets or accounts at the dining table and you reach for what seems to be the calculator, but turns out to be the tv/video/stereo/lighting/etc remote control?

If we can have remotes that combine three or more appliances, it shouldn't be too hard to combine a calculator in there too.

Snippity, May 01 2001

You could just get one of these. http://www.web-watc....au/remote-control/
Tell the time as well. [angel, May 01 2001]


       Better advertising regulations, that's what we need. I think in Britain if anyone's offering credit they're meant to display on the screen the total repayment and Annual Payment Rate, although they always do it in letters the size of a baby mosquito's teething ring.
pottedstu, Sep 28 2001

       i don't exactly reach for the calculator once i see a $9.99 barbie on the tv...sorry barbie but i don't...
lumpysausage007, Feb 12 2005


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