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Purity Rings

For Divine Parties.
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Coming in an array of colours; including angelic white, natural grass-green and fastidious robe-brown; the biscuits that were once Party Rings have grown up and shed their gaudy colours of youthful excess, in favour of a more introspective palette.
hidden truths, Oct 17 2007

Party Rings http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Party_rings
Popular British biscuits [hidden truths, Oct 17 2007]

Party Rings (picture) http://s7v1.scene7....230415006?$product$
And damn tasty too. [hidden truths, Oct 17 2007]

Purity Ring http://www.biblical...ng_491_m-738542.jpg
i thought you meant this... silly me! [k_sra, Oct 19 2007]


       would they be organic?
rascalraidex, Oct 17 2007

hidden truths, Oct 17 2007

       they have purity rings, for entirely other purposes. see [link].
k_sra, Oct 19 2007

       yew sure got a purity ring.
bungston, Oct 19 2007

       Party rings for grown-ups. Love it.
wagster, Oct 19 2007

       Heh. Naturally, good one.
rascalraidex, Oct 20 2007


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