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The Chewy Spectrum Cookie

Enjoy all phases of Cookie existence.
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From the chewy cookie dough of a barely baked cookie all the way to the crunchy fully baked cookie, enjoy a cookie that represents all phases of cooking from left to right.
uniball2, Dec 04 2001


       oh geez
bristolz, Dec 04 2001

       Just remove all the heating elements from the right side of your oven. But to truly appreciate all phases of cookie development, wouldn't you want to go from raw wheat kernels to charcoal?
pottedstu, Dec 04 2001

       That's the way the cookie crumbles.
phoenix, Dec 04 2001

       I used to buy a snack (can't remember it's name - something like 'cabanna') which was crunchy on the outer, then chewy, then just like raw cake mix on the inner, yummy, haven't seen one for years.
arora, Dec 04 2001

       That's what happens when you make them in the microwave and the plate stops revolving.
Helium, Dec 04 2001

       You could make the cookies with pork rinds instead of lard.
reensure, Dec 05 2001

       I think this is kind of baked. One of the big baked goods concerns (Pillsbury or something) introduced cookies that were soft on the inside & crunchy on the outside a few years ago. Something to do with different types of sugars that carmelize at different temperatures, I think.
snarfyguy, Dec 06 2001

       Actually, I thought the commercial "soft" chewy cookies actually had plastic in them.
bristolz, Dec 06 2001

       <ot>I heard recently that Pilsbury have the same parent company as Smith and Wesson.</ot>
angel, Dec 06 2001

       My sister-in-law, who was a notoriously bad cook when she married into our family, used to have cooking disasters like this all the time. I suppose you could say this idea is baked, but in actual fact it is really only half-baked. Or is it half half-baked and half baked? Or is it baked and half-baked at the same time? Or is it thursday?   

       Look, it's the first robin of spring! I wonder where Batman is? I have to go now....
Canuck, Dec 06 2001


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