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Purposely Mislabeled Products

Drink a nice, tall glass of cat urine
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For novelty purposes and perhaps the thrill of pretending to drink liquefied human ass, I would like to see a company purposely mislabel products. Oh, sure, people may get a bag of chips that are the wrong flavor every so often, but I'm talking extremes. A jar, labeled as containing puke, actually contains stew. Or maybe a six pack of cockroach juice that is nothing more than Mountain Dew (feel free to add suggestions, those were weak). Consumers "in the know" could look online to see which products are actually what.

The more I think about this, the worse an idea it seems...
AfroAssault, Jan 19 2002

Hedgehog flavo(u)r(ed) crisps http://www.khyri.com/hedgehog/chips.txt
The story from a fans point of view. [st3f, Jan 21 2002]

ManBeef http://www.manbeef.com/
For all your human meat needs... [plato, Jan 21 2002]


       Pretty much everything labelled "low fat" is puposefully mis-labelled, but not mischieviously.
snarfyguy, Jan 19 2002

       we had hedgehog flavoured crisps (potato chips) - is that the sort of thing? mountain dew is a rather revolting perfume over here. I have a pretty poor stomach for this sort of stuff. Have a badger sprainted croissant to welcome you back.
po, Jan 19 2002

       Yes, you must be hungry - have another one.
thumbwax, Jan 19 2002

       Could be a problem if a kid with a nut allergy dips into a jar of peanut butter with the title "Cat With the Runs".
Helium, Jan 19 2002

       Ha-ha gross. How boring.
jutta, Jan 19 2002

phoenix, Jan 19 2002

       We have it here as well. It looks like liquified compost.
angel, Jan 21 2002

       Excuse me - angel meant to say it Tastes like liquified compost.
thumbwax, Jan 21 2002

       Ah, but maybe there's something deeper going on here, I mean, we're all agreed, v8 is gross in both concept and execution, however it appears to be sold globally.. Does that mean it's profitable, or is it funded by some faceless "benefactor" (The v8 foundation perhaps?) Maybe this has a link to all the things which are obviously inedible, but which are readily available and consumed.. Haggis, Yakult, Liver (my local supermarket has a refridgerated section cheerily labelled "Offal"), Pot Noodle, Diet Coke.. etc etc   

       Somebody recently explained to me just what eggs are, and where they come from.. I've gone right off them.
Gran Tade, Jan 21 2002

       "Somebody recently explained to me just what eggs are..." is that the stupidest, no really the funniest, thing I've heard today? I think it is. Eggs. Heee heee!
sappho, Jan 21 2002

       [thumbwax]: You may be right, but I stand by what I said; anything that *looks* that bad don't get tasted by me.
angel, Jan 21 2002

       (partially) baked.   

       a link appears...
plato, Jan 21 2002

       V8 tastes fine... It doesn't taste any diffrent than regular tomato juice. Lots of people drink tomato juice and V8 and Bloody Marys too.   

       However I do agree that some products seem as if they are rarly bought but continue to be held on the market by some shady force. I can remember a good example of one. Maybe I've just been brainwashed by that behind the scenes force...
Tysenworld, Jan 22 2002

entremanure, Jan 22 2002

       This has very little to do with anything, but they've come out with imitation pancake syrup. Now pancake syrup itself is really a poor imitation of maple syrup, so that makes imitation pancake syrup an imitation of an imitation? NOT very appetizing...
magnificat, Jan 22 2002

       Theory:- The purchasers of V8 Juice (ugg), and other such non-purchaced products, are all naturopaths, faith-healers, hippy's, and other new-age type denizens. These people don't use the internet (Distorts their ley lines, clogs their Chakras, is 'bad for mother earth, man', or reacts negativly with their karma), and only go shopping in the correct phase of the moon, so as not to purturb 'the goddess'. This makes them a hidden minority, unlikely to be on the halfbakery to defend their grotesque 'food' products.
QuadAlpha, Jan 23 2002

       BAKED! Ball Park Franks taste nothing like a ball park. (Or do they?) Prairie oysters are not seafood. Chicken fingers are actually made from thigh meat. Shall I go on?
Canuck, Jan 23 2002

       Damn JimBob... Whatcha gonna do with all them rotten tomatoes, beets, stalks of celery, carrots, iceberg lettuce heads, sprigs of parsley, bushels of watercress and spinach?

I'm-a gonna make some liquified compost and sell it to yer nutcake sister.
thumbwax, Jan 23 2002

       dumpster juice
shelley, Jul 20 2002

       [+] for making life more fun, which is what we need right now.   

       What could be cooler than walking out of a supermarket with a package clearly labeled "Pure Cocaine", containing self-raising flour?
Mr Phase, Oct 29 2005

       <obvious>Walking out of a supermarket with a package clearly labeled "self-raising flour", containing pure cocaine</obvious>
angel, Oct 29 2005


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