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Pushing Sand

Replace the "Busy" hourglass your mouse sparks with a pack of cigarettes.
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I've seen enough of the hourglass when I click on an application. Is there a ready made placeholder for this mouse property? I'd like a glass full of sand for my butt, alright. I'd also like more out of my butts. My time is valuable so get out the cigs before we move on. Trouble is, "No Smoking" signs everywhere. As an alternative, can I use my animated mouse pointer?

Cigarettes pop out of a box one at a time, flare up, and shrink away. The seconds pass and your air stays clean, that is, if you're ALWAYS too busy to smoke.

reensure, Oct 21 2000

Smoking-related Windows desktop theme http://ezskins.iboo...mblnd_smoke_cig.zip
Not quite what you describe, but the "working in background" animation does show a guy lighting up as a series of stills [jutta, Oct 21 2000]

Animated Cursor Creation Utilities http://www.anicursor.com/download.html
[jutta, Oct 21 2000]


       Is possible to do animated mouse cursors that aren't the generic hourglass...dunno where to get a program to do so, but it shouldn't be too hard. Try download.com.
StarChaser, Oct 21 2000

       It used to be that you could change the cursors (independent of "theme") by just messing with the control panel. No downloads needed. Of course, the replacements are generally pretty cheesy.
egnor, Oct 21 2000

       Egnor, you still can change the mouse cursors. Go to the 'Mouse' thing in the control panel, choose the 'pointers' tab.   

       Still dunno how to make them.
StarChaser, Oct 22 2000


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