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recharging a mobile device by fags

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The device is a cigarette holder with one of dem Archimedes screws set on a vertical axis in a chimney. The cigarette is lit, the heat rises up and rotates the little generator on the aforementioned Archimedes wossername.

And so, I hang around with this device in public, and for the paltry sum of a packet of Golden Virginia, the mobile device owner gets their device back in working trim, assuming they can see it through the smoke.

Yet another way smokers can be of invaluable service to the public in general.Huzzah (has to take snort from oxygen bottle, wheezes, coughs...)

not_morrison_rm, Feb 10 2015

Will fag butts burn ? http://www.funtrivi...Question115887.html
Yes and no [popbottle, Feb 11 2015]


       You might want to use the Archimede's screw to lift water through a small distance, then let the water fall back down and recover the resulting heat using a Peltier module driving dynamo connected to an LED. Then a simple solar cell will collect the light and power the phone. This should help to eliminate any residual efficiency in the system.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2015

       //collect the light and power the phone//   

       Via one of those wireless induction chargers, naturally..
bs0u0155, Feb 10 2015

       Just a reminder that "fags" is one of those words that doesn't translate well across the pond.
MechE, Feb 10 2015

       "Sucking on a fag round the back of the bike sheds" could be so easily misunderstood...
8th of 7, Feb 10 2015

       ...as could "Bumming a fag off someone"
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 10 2015

       Real men share their fags with their mates.
pocmloc, Feb 10 2015

       If you went to one of the better sorts of school in England, you could bum a fag off your fag, whether he was a fag or not. Although, if you were fagged out it might be too much of a fag to bother. And if you were feeling hungry, you could have a faggot cooked over a faggot.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2015

       //Just a reminder that "fags" is one of those words that doesn't translate well across the pond.//   

       Don't bother. They all know this, and do it on purpose.
ytk, Feb 11 2015


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