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Cheap way to smoke

Passive smoking is under-rated
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I'm sure that I read somewhere that non-smokers get to inhale a fifth of the smoke from a cigarette. This is great news for smokers on a tight budget! Here's the plan: 1 A group of 100 smokers club together to buy a pack of 20 then go to a large room. 2. five of them light up at once Voila! 95 people are smoking a cigarette at a twentieth of the cost (and, as a bonus, 5 of them are smoking 2 at once)
jondron, Mar 03 2001

Study participants needed http://www.eurekale...s/nu-ids101200.html
Smoke your gaspers and get paid for it! [reensure, Mar 03 2001]


       Would a fifth of the smoke equate to a fifth of the desirable part of the smoke? Your Uncle Nutsy has never gotten a contact buzz from tobacco the way he's gotten contact highs at Dead shows.   

       (In fact, a friend of mine who was trying to cut his cigarette budget tried to deliberately inhale secondhand smoke. He said he found it unsatisfying and strangely irritating, much as nonsmokers do.)   

       Also, check your math.
Uncle Nutsy, Mar 04 2001

       Even more cancer for the masses! Woohoo! Just don't do this anywhere near *my* insurance plan.
badoingdoing, Mar 04 2001

       Great suggestion, but you need teeth to prove it.

Devise a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test to do so, specifically to detect instances of the tobacco mosaic viral genome in the gene pool. Balance that trial with a strong math link to the dispersal pattern worldwide, then (back away from the gene pool, since that is a 'cheap date') go for the $ payout from insurers in the west. Good luck.
reensure, Mar 04 2001

       ...or get a job in a pub.
DrBob, Mar 05 2001


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