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Iskreme, uskreme
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If adding sawdust to ice keeps it from melting quickly, why wouldn't the same thing work for ice cream? Wood pulp is an FDA approved food additive, considered “safe for human consumption”. It could be flavored to mask the woody taste, and since it's indigestible it has virtually no calories.

Ice cream that's longer lasting, lower in calories, and high in fiber. What's not to lyke?

ytk, Sep 05 2014

seafood that can hit back http://www.grindtv....eature-quite-catch/
[not_morrison_rm, Sep 06 2014]


       I believe the percentage in pykrete is significantly higher than would be acceptable as a food additive.   

       You could probably get the same effect with coconut. I'm sure there are other possibilities as well.
MechE, Sep 05 2014

       Build a boat from ice and coconut fibres, you say?
the porpoise, Sep 05 2014

       //Build a boat from ice and coconut fibres, you say?   

       What could possibly go wrong? (Imagines being circled by sharks with dessert spoons..')
not_morrison_rm, Sep 05 2014

       In the mid 1940s, in ration-bound England, the Ministry of Food (yes, it existed. Like the Ministry of Sound, but with less sound and more food) introduced children's sweets made from available materials.   

       Included in these were (a) a chewing gum made of petroleum distillate (b) a type of crisp [potato chip] made of flavoured paper pulp and (c) an ice lolly made from water, wood pulp, cotton waste and artificial colourings. Items (a) and (c) included artificial sweeteners, and were the first major use of saccharin and bis-chloro phenol for human consumption. BCP was eventually found to be carcinogenic, but saccharin turned out to be relatively benign.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 05 2014

       With those offerings, no wonder George Orwell came up with the Ministries of Love and Peace.
RayfordSteele, Sep 06 2014

       //a type of crisp [potato chip] made of flavoured paper pulp//   

       Oh yeah, they still make Pringles.
ytk, Sep 06 2014

       //Ministry of Food   

       Good thing they didn`t find out about the giant mantis shrimp. Very scary seafood, linky.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 06 2014


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