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Repeater Placebo

Reusable pills for the thrifty hypochondriac
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A glass pill, the same size as a typical 6-8 hour Benadryl, filled with sugar, and with a stainless steel cap on one end. The cap has a hoop on the outside, to which is attached a smooth stainless steel chain, 2 feet long.

This can be kept in a small pocketable plastic box and regularly sanitized.

Sugar pills having been proven scientifically to reduce symptoms of a vast majority of human ills, the repeater placebo could be used on any occasion.

Have flu-like symptoms? Pop your repeater placebo in your mouth and swallow! Pull it back out and swallow again for prescription strength placebo!

The same goes for anything from colds to cancer to neurotic excoriations -- provided you don't develop an itch in your throat.

The high quality build of the repeater placebo pill will allow unlimited usage, and the money saved from expense on conventional drugs will quickly pay for the repeater placebo which realistically could retail for $15.

mylodon, Oct 24 2007


       won't work because reused is not clean enough. most ocd sufferers are also germ phobic.
dentworth, Oct 24 2007

       //up to 30 uses a minute, 24 hours a day//

Everyone knows that a pill that safe can't be effective. Add something to give it an LD50, and that would be a powerful placebo.
ldischler, Oct 24 2007

       You're right [dentworth], I've modified it so that it isn't marketed towards OCD anymore.   

       That cuts down on the market somewhat, though. I'd have to consider raising the price or using cheaper materials.
mylodon, Oct 24 2007

Voice, Jun 25 2020

       Make it an entirely stainless steel capsule and you could even nix the chain. Make sure to rescue it before flushing, heh heh.
whatrock, Jun 25 2020


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