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Scatalogical Humor Pill

Laughter is alleged to be the best medicine.
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This pill contains a small folded up strip of non-digestible plastic, on which a joke has been printed. It would resemble the slip of paper that comes in a fortune cookie. It unfurls while passing through the digestive system. Close examination of one's stool would reveal the joke.
Laughs Last, Jun 25 2008


"Your appendix says 'Hello'."
phoenix, Jun 25 2008

       "Made you look!"
4whom, Jun 25 2008

       "Now wash your hands."
lostdog, Jun 25 2008

       Shit jokes.
zen_tom, Jun 25 2008

       Shit happens.
coprocephalous, Jun 25 2008

       ...in bed.
Amos Kito, Jun 25 2008


       Will they have lottery numbers printed on them too?
Noexit, Jun 25 2008

       + Couldn't the plastic just tickle you on the inside? and as a thought, how would the 'baker above me here get his?
xandram, Jun 25 2008


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