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Quality Streak Chocolates

Chocolate box range based on a dubious theme
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In the UK we have a range of chocolates called Quality Street. Each box of Quality Street contains a variety of separately wrapped chocolates in a number of shapes and styles. They’re all very nice, in a twee sort of way, but a bit too sweet for my taste.

Quality Streak Chocolates are the antithesis of Quality Street, by being a confectionary range based on the patterns, colours and textures of bird and bat droppings.

Individual chocolates are designed, named and wrapped accordingly, after the deposits of our well known local and exotic flying friends. When they are unwrapped they reveal a perfect replica of a bird dropping stuck on a small sample of typical recipient material, such a segment of car windscreen, piece of someone’s hair, seam of a baseball cap, etc. - everything being realistically fashioned from edible confectionary material. In appearance they would look absolutely realistic, but in taste be perfectly delicious.

hmmmm, yummy..... that Common Loon Nougat Twirl just melts in your mouth - (see link for details)

xenzag, Mar 31 2006

Loon Nougat http://www.amazon.c...8263855#reader-page
Just one of the many flavours on offer [xenzag, Mar 31 2006]


       you really think they would sell?   

       what kind of impression would they make for loved ones on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day?
po, Mar 31 2006

       What tit would buy these?
oniony, Mar 31 2006

       <---Tat one, apparently.
jurist, Mar 31 2006

       Well, we have creme eggs, why not creme shit?
skinflaps, Mar 31 2006

       Love it! Sign me up for ten pounds!
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 31 2006

       Coming from the author of "Audobon Bons", I can only say I think this is nothing but the after product.
blissmiss, Mar 31 2006

       This is very nice, in a twee sort of way.   


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