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The Trueblerone

restore the Toblerone
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Toblerone have changed the shape of their iconic chocolate bars by creating a wider gap between the triangular segments. This action was carried out to make them lighter, whilst retaining the overall length and height. ie the same sized packaging now contains a chocolate bar that is significantly reduced in weight and volume. This was the most unimaginative and unsatisfactory solution they could have generated. The resulting bar is now like an emaciated skeletal version of the original.(see link)

On the positive side, this poor decision creates an opportunity to rectify the defective new Toblerones. In consequence I now bring you Trueblerone conversion kits.

These are simple kits that enable loyal fans of the original Toblerones to easily convert the new weedy versions back to that of the familiar chocolate bar design we love so much. The kit comes in three parts: a basic two part mould; a packet of genuine Toblerone chocolate mix, and a pouring funnel.

Here's how it works: the new reduced size Toblerone is inserted into the mould, and both parts are closed over to seal it in place. The chocolate mix is now gently heated to the recommended temperature and poured in at the top of the mould, from where it flows along and down the channels that deliver it into the extra spaces in the bar, filling them with nice original style triangular teeth.

Once cooling has taken place, the non-stick mould is released revealing a perfectly restored original Toblerone, we have named The Trueblerone.

xenzag, Nov 19 2016

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37904703 Horrible new shaped Toblerone [xenzag, Nov 19 2016]

Get a candy bar for a testable way of proving the Many Worlds Interpreation of physics! https://www.quora.c...nswer/Treon-Verdery
[beanangel, Nov 21 2016]


       Could we simply not blast away the peaks of the Swiss Alps so that the chocolate formed in their likeness is more amenable to packaging?
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 19 2016

       One minor problem is that chocolate is not straightforward to melt and re-set - it ends up developing a bloom or a disagreeable texture. Chocolate making involves lots of mysterious steps, such as "conching" and "tempering" to avoid this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 19 2016

       Perhaps if the makers had removed chocolate from the underside of the bar, hollowing out the original triangles somewhat? They had to change the shape of the mold to get this new design; they could have changed the shape of the mold differently, to make hollowed-out triangles.
Vernon, Nov 19 2016

       That was my first thought to, and I actually wrote it up..... but thought it was too practical to be a halfbaked solution, so didn't post.
xenzag, Nov 19 2016

       A hollow peak would require a double-side mould, and would be problematic. What they should have done, of course, was simply to put the price up and left the damned thing alone.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 19 2016

       I viewed the link, that Toblerone is a shelving bracket! If perchance Swedish people make white chocolate they could do an IKEA edible bookcase.   

       ...or an illuminati plenty-pak, with each having an eye in the pyramid /o\ mystically, what would simultaneous plural, separable illuminati do?
beanangel, Nov 19 2016

       My daughter's favorite sweet growing up. (Wipes eyes, recalls days of yore.) Gee thanks, xennie.
blissmiss, Nov 19 2016

       Went on to do a virtual spree of checking Toblerone worldwide.   

       No actual results, but would be unsurprised to find out it's only a UK problem...although one website in Australia was out of stock of the heaviest bar..
not_morrison_rm, Nov 19 2016

       There is now a contest to come up with a scientific test of the Many Worlds Interpretation of physics. The prize is a candy bar! [link]
beanangel, Nov 21 2016

       This just in... Worldwide Toblerone Report: The Grocery Shrink Ray has hit Toblerone in Canada, too. Apparently almonds, chocolate and honey are in short supply the world over.   

       (Sadly, I have no evidence. I ate it.)
Sgt Teacup, Nov 21 2016

       Surely the obvious solution is to make the whole bar smaller whilst maintaining the proportions, and simply put the shelf closer to the shopper?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2016

       Snack makers have been shrinking portions like this since the 80's or so.
RayfordSteele, Nov 21 2016

       //Snack makers have been shrinking portions this since the 80's or so.   

       And trouser makers too by my empirical observations.
AusCan531, Nov 21 2016

       You'd think they'd be in an inverse relationship over time, but no.
RayfordSteele, Nov 22 2016

       //TV dinners are out for a start when you can't focus at 50cm and 200cm with the same eyewear//   

       [bigs], if you can handle contact lenses, you should consider monovision: one eye is corrected for distance, the other eye for near. I have this. The surprising thing is that the brain figures it all out, and you end up with really good vision at both distances, without faffing around. Even depth perception is OK, surprisingly.   

       Also, if you're only 200cm from your TV, you need a bigger livingroom.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 22 2016

       //You could even swap the lenses over for different tasks depending on which hemisphere dominates. //   

       Vision doesn't work that way. The left half of each eye's retina feeds to the right hemisphere, and vice versa. And, in any case, your brain needs to adapt to one lens configuration.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 22 2016


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