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Road Bars

aka Chocolanes
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Road Bars are a range of chocolates based on highways and road systems. These are not only really delicious, but totally educational.

They include all of the following:
• The Historical Roman Road - this has a great cross section, showing in detail the various layers made from peanuts mixed with coloured toffees.
• The Skinny Winding lane - for those on a diet.
• The Roundabout - comes with various lane configurations.
• The T junction - also available as a staggered junction.
• The Dual Carriageway - a short strip of highway, with a simple divider.
• The Cloverleaf - a basic Motorway junction.
•The Stack - a complex Motorway intersection, with several layers making them a real mouthful!
•The Dead End - a mega bar that no one should even attempt to eat.

xenzag, Apr 15 2009

Roman Road Bar http://media-2.web....49-004-D5FE30FA.gif
cross section of a mid-morning snack [xenzag, Apr 15 2009]

Junction Bars http://www.wesleyjo.../junctiontypes.html
a few of the numerous chocojunction configurations [xenzag, Apr 15 2009]

Spaghetti Junction http://www.highways...ghetti_Junction.gif
now available in three different kinds of chocolate [xenzag, Apr 15 2009]


       //The Skinny Winding lane//
Or Let it Be's 'The Long and Winding Road'.
Zimmy, Apr 15 2009

       Milky Way?
phoenix, Apr 15 2009

       consolation for failing your driving test
ryokan, Apr 15 2009

       Delightful. Tacky. Potentially unendingly complex. +
daseva, Apr 15 2009

       Honeycomb Highway 56. [+]
skinflaps, Apr 15 2009

       Top Quality. Licorice for Spag Junction please.
gnomethang, Apr 15 2009


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