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Tangram Chocolate Bar

break chocolate bar, rearrange the bits, then reward yourself by eating them
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Wash your hands first of course.
xenzag, Feb 04 2010

(?) Anke Bernotat: 100 Gram Tangram. http://www.bernotat..._v2/en/special.html
Design. [jutta, Feb 04 2010]

(?) 100 Gram Tangram, German seller http://petite-choco...00_gram_tangram.htm
[jutta, Feb 04 2010]


DrWorm, Feb 04 2010

       Of course if you don't break the bar exactly along diagonal lines, the rearranged pieces won't fit at first, and then you have to nibble the edges to make them right. But then the piece will be a little too small and there will be a gap on the other side, so you have to nibble all the other pieces... etc. So this work is pre-rewarded.
hob, Feb 04 2010

       Considering just how hard my gottaexistaton was ringing just then, it's surprising that this became a product only recently, in late 2009.
jutta, Feb 04 2010

       baked it is then.... will pick up some when I'm in Berlin at Easter.
xenzag, Feb 04 2010

       Yummi idea. Not baked in the rest of the world!
Pericles, Feb 04 2010


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