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Quantum Candy

Or Schrodinger's Sweets if you prefer.
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The candy is contained within a sealed box. The content is random and could be any selection of say, 5 different sweets. According to quantum theory the box contains all of the varieties of sweets possible.

This gives 3 results:

*You will legitimately be able to charge the buyer for 5 sets of sweets as they all theoretically in there. (You cannot be charged by trading standards, as it would be the buyer’s fault for collapsing the quantum field of the box. But just to be nice make the sweets really tasty)

*Kids will learn the intricacy of quantum theory and thus be able to apply it to everyday situations. (E.g. the quantum “homework in the bag” theory) As well as learning the cruel nature of the business world.

*Most importantly, parents and/or siblings could not be held responsible for purchasing the wrong sweets due to the quantum nature of the product.

You’re all free to add to my idea if you wish. I know this idea will probably be hit with a huge wave of fish bones and criticisms, but just mellow out, I’m just having fun with quantum theory so why not join in!

talen, Jan 27 2003


       Right now I'm getting a little cheesed off with these auto bonners. If you think the idea sucks then why don't you comment on it instead of casting faceless votes! Or is it because your chicken! <buck, buck, buckar>
talen, Jan 27 2003

       It's okay, but it should be Quantum Drugs.   

       [talen]: There's been a rash of "Schroedinger's (X)" ideas here lately. Some bakers may be suffering from fatigue...
snarfyguy, Jan 27 2003

8th of 7, Jan 28 2003

       Dang! You beat me to it!   

       I love anything to do with Schroedinger and I love sweets.
DesertFox, May 12 2004

       I hate quantum theory. In my reality, all the people that I know but can't see at this moment might be experiencing total atomic dissociation, only to magically resolve themselves miliseconds before I see them again. You can't prove it wrong because you can't see it. that's a really stupid premise for a science. I really like this idea.
schematics, May 12 2004


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