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Snickers Mid Way Zip lock

If you have seen the new huge snickers bar you probably know what i mean....
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The new snickers bars are huge. And though I always buy the largest size I can never finish it. I tend to eat half and save the other half for after the class celebration (also because I am very poor). Well because people who can’t finish the bar all the way down tend to eat half way through why not have a half way zip lock. When you are done with the first half simply tear away the wrapper up till the mid way point (the mid way point has perforations) and just below that on the inside is a zip lock so press on it and seal your chocolate for later.
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 26 2004


       This would be great. Write to M&M/Mars, please. NOW, before some dippy-skip out Googling takes it.
spacecadet, Jan 26 2004


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