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Quantum linked photon nanoscope reads genetics of human eggs

Which of a womans 300,000 eggs would she like to ripen to have a child with This quantum linked photon nanoscope describes the DNA present at each egg
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Quantum linked photons image things beyond refractive or reflective boundaries; the military uses them to see through atmosphere plus water with an adjustable image depth

I am describing a system that does that at the molecular as well as cytolevel to describe the genetics of human eggs so that women can choose what kind of baby they will have The diagram (link) says much of it

The Shih paper on quantum linked photon imaging supports duophoton resolution events Thus any system that emits photons like a monomolecular array of ZnS phosphor or a UV fluorescent gas can create purposefully spaced dots of resolution ZnS has 2.7 million dots per oocyte diameter

Viewing the diagram the major cleverness is just that the beam dividing mirror plus photodetector can be made with transparent ZnO between monoatomic metal layers This tinyness goes with the size of the cytosamples

a person who knows how to write wrote: Light is split BEFORE it hits the target by a special orbiting light splitting satellite, let's say a military base is the target. It is hidden behind dense cloud cover.

The ghost image taking spy satellite is equal distance from the splitter as the target is from the splitter.

There is a photon detector on the splitter (d1). It will detect all sort of scattered photons and light being reflected back from earth, lots of noise and blurry stuff.

There is also a photon detector on the camera taking satellite (d2). It too, will detect all sorts of noise from light reflected off everything.

Anytime both d1 and d1 detect a hit at the exact same time, that is counted as a pixel towards creating the ghost image. This is why the satellite and target need to be the exact same distance from the splitter. Any photon hits that don't occur at the exact same time are discarded as noise.

What is amazing about this, is that the resulting image will be clear and focused, as if the cloud cover is not there. Not only that the camera is not taking photos of light reflected off the target as occurs in classical photography and classical optics. It is only taking pictures of light that HAS NEVER INTERACTED with the target

One wonderful thing about this is that you could also look at the proteomic activity of a cyte or tissue to characterize what genes as well as systems do to modulate epigenetics as well

also once she finds her favorite eggs then she can use chemistry to just ripen those

beanangel, May 05 2010

Egg plus tissue plus molecular nanoscope diagram http://biology.wsc....cular_nanoscope.PNG
[beanangel, May 05 2010]

The physics of Ghost Imaging Yanhua Shih http://arxiv.org/abs/0805.1166
[beanangel, May 05 2010]

popular blog on orbital quantum linked photon imaging http://bboyneko.liv...nal.com/301452.html
[beanangel, May 05 2010]

transparent ZnO photodetectors http://www.scienced...4863d6ad4f6790ca6a6
[beanangel, May 05 2010]

Manimal! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manimal
[bungston, Nov 03 2015]


       Interaction-free imaging: no problem. Been done.   

       The egg stuff and other bits: phenomenal bollocks, even by Beanie's high standards.   

       And the word "cell" is spelled "cell", not "cyte". -cyte is a suffix (as in melanocyte, lymphocyte, total-lack-of-incyte, etc).
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2010

       Sounds like it can scan for human hybrids to keep manimals from populating the earth.
travbm, Nov 02 2015

       Manimal was only a help to human kind. I miss him.
bungston, Nov 03 2015


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