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Quiet Bag

Portable soundproof bag for kids
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Went to a church service, and they where handing out "Quiet Bags," with toys in them, to the kids. Somebody muttered, "How's my kid going to fit in there?"

So: A big sound proof bag with a DVD player inside, and ventilation. You can now take your tot to the movies, fine dining, church, board meetings, and at the first hint of a fit, in he/she goes, and you can continue with your evening.

An adult size would be good too. When my Wife drags me to a musical, I can just go inside my quiet bag, and go on the internet.

n81641, Jun 11 2008

Child Silencer Child_20Silencer
[Jscotty, Jun 11 2008]

Marching Morons http://en.wikipedia...The_Marching_Morons
[n81641, Jun 12 2008]


       interesting how you capitalise *wife"
po, Jun 11 2008

       //A big sound proof bag with a DVD player inside, and ventilation.//   

       Omit the ventilation and get my vote. I've always found that large plastic bags make great toys for children. Never hear a peep outta them.   

       Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem.
Klaatu, Jun 11 2008

       [+] I had a similar concept that got many bad reviews (see link). I just wonder what you can do to silence the rattle and scuffle of all of those bags.
Jscotty, Jun 11 2008

       Just cut and paste Klaatu's entire last paragraph into Google. Press return.
n81641, Jun 11 2008

       //in rupibus ventosissimis// Wrong preposition, shirley? {edit} Oh, no - I was just thinking of a more violent death.
pertinax, Jun 12 2008

       // Omit the ventilation and get my vote //   

       Vote [+] here, too !
8th of 7, Jun 12 2008

       I guess if the discount knock off was just a garbage bag, you'd have a solution for the Marching Morons.
n81641, Jun 12 2008

       // a garbage bag //   

       Not strong enough. Even quite small kids can tear their way out of a regualr garbage sack before their air runs out. It needs to be one of those really heavy-gauge builder's rubble sacks, or a bivvy bag, well taped at the open end with gaffer tape.
8th of 7, Jun 12 2008

       8th have you given up all idea of reproducing your elf?   

       of course, that would be one noisy bag! ;)
po, Jun 12 2008

       How does one get into elf breeding, po?
Voice, Jun 13 2008

       Tip #1: DON'T put them in a sealed plastic bag.
8th of 7, Jun 13 2008

       I thought that's how it works... when a boy and a girl elf like each other very much, they climb inside a plastic bag.....
n81641, Jun 13 2008

       Or you could go to church outside, in a field or at the beach, and make a joyous noise as a family. Maybe even some unjoyous noises, like when you pretend to be the squawking pterodactyl coming to scoop up the kids. Of note: pterodactyls were part of creation too, or maybe were fakes placed in the fake fossil record by Satan, but either way warrant some consideration in a religious context.
bungston, Jun 13 2008


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