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RC Cart Network

Small RC car drives your shopping home.
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Controled from a human control-room assisted by GPS and on car cameras, these supermarket-cart sized RC cars will replace the need for expensive delivery people driving heavy cars or endangering themselves in traffic.

People would buy an RC-Cart and have it driven from their house to any store and back. Basically the idea is having "large RC cars" (smaller than real cars, but larger than toy model cars) join urban traffic.

Next stages of course are to automate the process, and to have these cars drive people too.

pashute, Apr 17 2006

RC Mailcars RC Mailcars
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       Do they sing when they deliver?
methinksnot, Apr 17 2006

       Larger cars could be used as taxis. Thus you eliminate the need for the taxi driver baking in the sun all day. Instead she buys a 'home service' RC, via ADSL, (not the web, so that the car does not accidentally lose conact with control) and controls the taxi from afar. Laws will have to be written on responsibility of driver, once car is in motion.
pashute, Sep 12 2006

       While driving today in traffic I realized this would be great for people to drive from home.   

       You sit at your PC and drive the RC to the store, where it picks up your groceries. You then drive it home. Tiny cars could take small packages around the city, without the need for a whole motorcycle. Store-owners could get their rounds quicker, instead of waiting for an expensive truck to bring two cartons of milk and one of tuna cans. Much less gasoline will be wasted, so less money for the trip.
pashute, May 18 2008

       Oh! And great for city garbage collection.
pashute, May 18 2008


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